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Gol-dust is right this time

by it's a first (not verified) on

I find commentators on this site often get off-topic.

In fact, too often they get off topic.

This page's topic is about the kid. Please try to keep the comments focused on the kid. The kid is too adorable and it would be a waste to turn this page into some other discussion.

Leave the invasion of the arabs discussion to another thread -- where THAT is the topic. Everything has its own place!

Don't make an Aaash out of this website. Try to observe some order for gods sake.

Saff bebandeed. Hojoom nakonned. Adam basheed yekkam. ;-)


Elected as President

by hateIRI (not verified) on

I vote for you my man.

You talk better than 99% of Iranians in LA who can even pronounce IRan.

Dumb CA iranians. They are worst than the mullahs in Iran.



by Anonymous@USAfj (not verified) on

You can love a gol(flowers) as long as you accept it as a gol. Grow up, nobody is trashing Arabs to feel superior. The problem is the religion that is ruining our country for the last 1400 years. You care about your cousin Arab dehumanized by Zionists, what about your own brothers and sisters in Iran? For you is important to enjoy the cute boy, listening to LA music, going to Iranian resturants in USA, having chelo kebab.... Who cares about Iran! Haan gol-dost!


boy is much samrter than many of these posters w/twisted views!

by gol-dust on

The boy is obviously very handsome and inteligent and make us all proud to have new generation Iranians like him. However, as usual somebody always finds something wrong in the middle of all the beauty to twist the whole joy to a subject that has nothing to do with the article!

EGO and ignorance are the roots. I find it so shallow to argue about the history of Mohammd and Islamic history and the Aryan race and all the good and evils that come with it under the title of a Cute Iranian boy who loves footbal, just because his name is mohammad! What would you do if hs last name was arabi as well?Amazing! How pathetic!

This is who we are whether you like it or not! You want to go back and change the history? Just get used to it! Grow up! It is not the name that is important, it is the character of the person! Trashing Arabs makes you feel superior? If that's the case then what is the difference between you and the racist zionists who dehumanize their own Arab cousins? We are better than that! Enjoy the cute boy!


to anomymous responding to mas

by mas (not verified) on

i think you misundrestood me, all i meant was to mention who actually brought islam to iran otherwise i agree with what you wrote, autually i dont practice any religion
regarding to being good person also i did not mean what you said about it but i noticed everybody is insulting another, instead of that everybody should unite to get rid of the evil


Iranian LA TV Sport analysts watch out!!

by Dariush44 (not verified) on

This kid should have his own TV program. He is better than some of these analysts on the air (especially the ones from LA)in particular that guy Khodabakhshian.


This kid has got to be a genius!

by amazed (not verified) on

Pure gold!

He is full of useless football knowledge now, but be patient because when he grows up he can apply himself and succeed in anything he puts his mind to.


are we really ariyaii?

by mas (not verified) on

iran had been conquered by different races throughout history so our race has been mixed with so many races, so are we pure ariyan?
islam was brought to iran after mohammad death by omar and also to the rest of the world after that.
we can not do anything about what happened in past
but lets just be good people


Payam S

by (not verified) on

اقای پیام خان اگر شقاوت محمد به اندازه موسولینی ایتالیای یا حتی هیتلر می بود که ما ایرانیها و خیلی ملتهای دیگر الان مسلمان نبودیم. موسولینی و هیتلر که انگشت کوچیکه محمد هم تو قساوت نمیشوند. محمد در ابتدا هزاران عرب را از قبیله های مختلف گردن زد تا توانست بقیه را با زور به دین اسلام وادار کند و بعد هم با تجاوز به کشورهای دیگر دینش را با زور شمشیر به مردم ان سرزمینها قبولانید. اگر به خود زحمت بدهید و کمی مطالعه کنید به خودتان و دیگران خدمت بزرگی خواهید کرد. ایا وادار کردن مردم به زور شمشیر و تجاوز به زنان و غارت اموال مردم به بهانه گسترش دین یک کار فاشیستی نمیباشد. ایا موسولینی فاشیست با یک دختر ٨ ساله همبستر شد؟ هیچوقت از روی تعصب کور کورانه دیگران را مورد اهانت قرار ندهید. ایا مردم ایران در طول تاریخ کهن خود جنایتی در حق دیگران مرتکب شدند که شما واژه فاشیست را برای هممیهن خود بکار میبرید؟ خوشبختانه پرونده ما ایرانیها پاک پاک است. نه کسی را مجبور کردیم زرتشتی شود و نه کسی را مجبور کردیم به زبان پارسی تکلم کند و خیلی نه های دیگر. میدانی چرا؟ چون ما ایرانیها اریایی هستیم. اریایی یعنی انسان راستین یعنی انسانی که حقوق دیگران را محترم شمارد یعنی ..........


Payam S

by Anonymous-iran (not verified) on

Do you know the meaning of "fascist"? Read the history and educate yourself about what Arabs(Mohammad followers) did to us Iranians and many other nations(killing, rape, looting etc.)


You are right Aria and Iran Dell!

by Payam S (not verified) on

His level of intelligence is amazing.

But according to Aria:
"Afsoos ke esmesh Mohammad hast!"

Ey kaash ke naamash bejaye Mohammad-Pars, Mussolini-Pars bood. He would have been even smarter.

Zendeh baad nejaade Ariayi (whatever that means) va marg bar baghiyeh! What do you think my fascist brethren (Aria and IranDell)?



Very cute

by Abarmard on

He acts like a grown up. So so cute


فل فل مبین چه


فل فل مبین چه ریزه، بشکن ببین چه تیزه.


Iranian Reader

وای چه جیگری...!

Iranian Reader

زنده باد بچه های ایرونی. آدم حظ میکنه! 


Farzande Iran!

by Iran Dell (not verified) on

Farzandeh Iran ba hoosh ba name yak arabe paberahne biaban gard adam koosh! khanevadeh Irani ba Farhange Iran?


A real analyst

by Anonymous-Aria (not verified) on

He is sooooo cute. Afsoos kh esmesh Mohammad hast!