Mir Hossein Mousavi

Presidential candidate

Washington Post -- Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's main opponent in the upcoming presidential election said Monday that he wanted to increase freedoms for Iranians, in part by curbing the so-called morality police who enforce strict interpretations of Islamic laws, such as those requiring women to cover their hair in public. Former prime minister Mir Hossein Mousavi, speaking at his first news conference since announcing his candidacy for president in the June election, attacked Ahmadinejad's government over its handling of the economy, the "extremism" of the president's rhetoric and the strictures that have been imposed on daily life and public discourse>>>


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Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

You just can't make this stuff up

Funny thing to say, considering everything about you is made up.



by Since1982 (not verified) on

This guy would make the perfect leader for another american puppet government. This way, Russia and China are not the only countries with access to the third largest oil producer. I feel sorry for the young and gullible people of Iran who are following this false reformer. This will only bring death and destruction to one of the middle east most stable of nations. Mahmoud Ahmadenejad indifference with Israel is the cause of all this. Elections or not, your country represents you as a people, not the person you put in office. The change comes from within.


Oh god, that sucks. Yes, of

by Anonymousstrongwomen (not verified) on

Oh god, that sucks. Yes, of course...there is nothing wrong with this regime...please, first you have to think about it and then you can speak!!!



by Tony (not verified) on

I AM NOT IRANIAN BUT FROM THE UK. I HAVE THOUGHTS ABOUT IRAN. I had the GREAT good fortune to visit Iran in 1978. I am so sick and tired of the Western Press presenting the idea that Iranians are uneducated animals, Islamic radicals and worthless. I know what I know. This is an incredible country. Incredible people as yes I was in both the North Davodieh and south Tehran. Iranians are good people. There is nothing wrong with Islam or and Islamic State as long as religion is not manipulated. I hope that the people do rise up with courage and in doing so show the world what a great nation there are. I will be the first on the plane back to Tehran. God bless.


My last comment

by Dariosh on

Sorry everyone for the presentation of my last comment. I put my last statement in MW for spell check and it got all messed up!


The system is bankrupt and corrupt no matter who is on the top

by Dariosh on

The fact is that IR system, constitution , and foundation is all based on outdated Islamic laws.

I do not mean to be offensive to Islam or Muslims but the fact is that that Islamic laws are outdated and obsolite.To be fair Islam has had great contributions to human society in the past however, much of its laws and system of governancy are contrary to todays human values and freedoms.


The fact is that IR system, its constitution and foundation is all based on
outdated Islamic laws.

I do not mean to be offensive to Islam or Muslims but the fact is that that
Islamic laws are outdated and obsolete. To be fair Islam has had great
contributions to human society in the past however, much of its laws and system
of governance are contrary to today’s human values and freedoms.

Therefore the root cause of the problem is Islamic system and the laws that
are based on it.

I know i am going to be subjected to all kinds of irrational and illogical
personal attacks but these are the irrefutable facts and the sooner we accept
the sooner we can move towards a better society.

This is not a place to examine Islamic laws but every fair-minded person
should read and examine its laws for themselves without the spin of Islamic apologists.

Read the laws concerning women, slaves, non-Muslims…..

I challenge all the rational readers to give one example of Islamic government
today or in the past few hundred years that has been progressive, free, and



In conclusion the system is corrupt and morally
bankrupt no matter who is on the top. Even if we give IR the benefit of doubt
that the elections are authentic and not a sham yet the outcome is clearly doomed to failure and the citizens are doomed to suffer its disastrous

 Let us dream and envsion a day when Iran is a free country and its people live in freedom, peace, and harmony.



Baa'aaa'aaa Baa'aaa'aaaa

by Blind (not verified) on

It seems, it has become a campaign trend in Iran to promise social freedom in order to get elected and remain in power another eight years. They use the very same technics in US!!
Man, a child can fool us.
I'm wondering why our asaateed like Milani, Ghobadi, etc. do not engineer an uprising in Iran with their insights rather than politico-psycho-socio-analysing the past, present and the future? Aren't they the intellectuals and happen to know seer ta piaaz? Or the regime will eventualy change when those who have engineerd it tend to? And the election is just a more serious version of Idol?


to Concerned-Iranian

by Tabriz balasi (not verified) on

Well, i guess we don't see eye to eye on your description of what it means to be an Iranian and what it means to be a Muslim. I don't see any conflict between the two, I don't think they are ever related. I don't think our problem is Islam, even though Mulla's in gereral have harmed Iran in any way possible, but it is my opinion that Mullas and Shia's in general have misrepresented and falsified Islam. I don't like the Islamic Republic. BUT, here is a question for you. Tell me who should i trust and put my faith in?

here are some options:

1. khamenie
2. maryam rajavi
3. America
4. bani sard
5. mousavi/khatami and like minded people
6. reza pahlavi II

I have chosen the 5th option. I just feel confortable when Mousavi talks. He talks from his mind and from his heart. He is a lovely person, an artist, an inteletual, his wife is also an intelectual. mousavi believes in freedom, economic well being, morality, modernity, moderation, and democracy, and an interpretation of Islam that is campatible with all these. the same things that I believe in. In my opinion there are not that many awesome iranians such as Mousavi and Khatami inside or outside of Iran. These people have given their everything to God, Islam and Iran.


why is Mousavi a criminal?

by 1Hamvatan (not verified) on

Dear Ms. Mehrnaz,

The reasons; why they are criminals:

1-The Whole structure of Islamic republic is Nothing but one big giant MAFIA- TERRORIST group with many criminals members who has no regards for general public's welfare and engaging in daily looting of Iran's wealth/ oil's income.

2-They have been and still are harassing/ torturing people for any reason you can think of, on daily basis.
Denying Baha'i of their basic rights,too many to list.

3-They have been and still are funding terrorists groups around the world such Hamas, Hezbollah etc. these are facts.




To Tabriz Balasi !

by Concerned-Iranian (not verified) on

Although your comment was written to Ostaad, I could not help not responding to your I.R. Categorization of 3 camps !!!

According to you all 3 Camps believe in Islamic Rules and Values to Govern our Country and Nation. ( 3 x 0 = 0 )

They have been dictating 30 years of their Evil Thoughts, Actions and their NON- IRANIAN values on Poor Iranian people! And yes That includes You (Child of Tabriz) and I (Child of Tehran) Ham Meehan !

So wake up to your Iranian roots and STOP brainwash Iranian people about Islamic values... We know what they are, We have struggled with that crap for the past 1400 years to present and the last 30 years especially has proven us beyond an ounce of doubt that Islamic Values and Laws of any kind are 100% UN- IRANIAN.

Those Islamic laws and values are 100% against what True Iran and Iranian culture, literature, mentality, philosophy, family values and celebrations are!!! 100%!!! No wonder we Iranians have become such hypocrites because we have split personalities and serious identity crises! We say something but we do something else. Deep down we feel our Iranian light but we practice Islamic darkness...

Iran and the entire world in general were deprived of current technologies, mass media, news and information at the tips of their fingers back in 1979 unfortunately, otherwise THUGS like Khomeini and his believers would not OCCUPY our beloved Motherland so easily.







to Ostaad

by Tabriz Balasi (not verified) on

Thanks Ostaad for willing to be objective. I want to help you as much as I can to introduce mousavi to you, because I love him. I have never advertised for anyone in my life, but I can't help but to do so this time: here is 2 other videos of him from his press conference.


He was the prime minster of Iran during the 8 year war! he managed the economy pretty well, that is in the general agreement.

i classify Islamic Republic people in three catagories.

1. Rafsanjani camp --> seemingly modern, moderate but very corrupt in every way, they are not here to serve the people, but to get rich and fat. selfish bunch. so i hate this group.

2. Khamenei and Ahmadinejad camp --> very ideological, not practical, crazy, but not as curropt as the above group, because they seem to believe in something greater than themsleves, too bad the stuff they believe in is B.S. (in my opinion)

3. Khatami camp --> this group of people are dissapointed in the Islamic Republic, but still will never turn their backs to Khomeini and Islamic Republic. still believe in a type of theocracy, but a democratic version. but the thing i like about this group is that they are very practical and amazingly clean and uncorrupt. if it wasn't because of people like Khatami and Mousavi, i would support another revolution in Iran. But I still believe in Reforms and slow progress towards a truely representative and free Iran based on modern version of Islamic Values. So, let's give Mousavi four years to see what he's going to do. I have faith in him, or else I wouldn't waist my time writing this to you!


Mr. Ostaad

by Ahmad Sobhani (not verified) on

This is a little background that might help you. Keep in mind that people are not always the same. Mr. Mousavi is not corrupt and very free in thoughts and mind. I believe that he is one possible candidate that can relax the social restrictions, and more importantly bring the economy back to its speed. He also is pragmatic and logical and his goal is to normalize the Iranian relations to the rest of the world. He certainly is capable of doing that.



This guy has no new plans

by farrad02 on

His references to economic and social issues were generalized and in passing. He hasn't offered anything specific and concrete regarding how he is going to operate differently from the current douche bag!

Moussavi is simply spearheading an attempt by a different faction within the IRI regime to take the control of the multi-billion dollar windfall that is Iran's mismanaged oil economy!



by Ostaad on

I have read every post, positive and negative, and I have yet to find any specifics about Mr. Mousavi's policies and platform, or what he's done in the past that sheds light on what he'll do in the future as Iran's president. I have listened to his sound bites and I am not impressed to say the least.

Please, can anyone help me? 


Mr. Mousavi

by Mousavi Supporter (not verified) on

Nokaretam Mr. Mousavi. I would like to campaign for you for great Iranians living in Europe, please get in touch with me. Mr. Mousavi, you are my hope and dreams. I love your plans and thinking. Long live the Islamic Republic, Long live freedom. We want to have our constitution obeyed by all of our representatives. You can do that Mr. Mousavi, you have the people behind you.


to Korosh

by Crazy about Mousavi (not verified) on

you are the one that needs a reality check, my friend. of course elections matter in Iran. maybe not to you! but for millions of people it does matter.

Mousavi is so calm and cool. it is amazing to watch and listen to him. I think he will be a better presidant than Khatami, eventhough Khatami did a lot for Iran. Mousavi please don't dissapoint us, many of us love you dearly!


We Stand with you Mr. Mousavi, But don't dissapoint us

by Tabriz Balasi (not verified) on

Mr. Mousavi I hope you become our next president. I think you can represent our country well. We have to get rid of the nasty An-nejad. His term was a disaster and showed that if people don't think about who they are voting for, then their country would go down the hill. Iran is as democract if not more than U.S.A. But Iran has much less freedoms than the U.S.A. Iran has to move towards more freedoms and engage its own people, trust its own people...I hope our brothers and sister in the villages that work so hard, realize that Ahamadinejad is not the Answer for Iran.


Those who are Iranian

by Hesam Salehi (not verified) on

Meaning holding an Iranian passport, vote Mousavi.
Others, who cares :)


Presidential Elections in Iran

by Davood_Banayan on

Americans for a Democratic Republic in Iran. Elections do occur in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Are the elections democratic in Western European and U.S. standards? No. Iran has never had a Real democratic republic in over 3000 years. Anyone who tells you something different is wrong.

In the movie "300" Hollywood displayed the type of dictatorship that existed in pre-Islamic Iran.

During George Dubya (George W. Bush) administration Iranians were lumped in with Saddam's Iraq and North Korea as part of the "Axis of Evil". American history books that I grew up with in high school referred to the Pahlavi dynasty as "a dictatorship" that was overthrown by 30 million Iranians in 1979. The 11th grade American History Final even had a question about what type of government in Iran led to a Revolution and the 444 days hostage fiasco?

a. Dictatorship
b. Communism
c. theocracy
d. fascism

You just can't make this stuff up.

Iran's elections after 1979 have been the most democratic since the creation of Iran. That being said, there is a filtering process done by the Iranian governemnt in tehran. All the candidates, moderate, conservative or pragmatic are die hard loyal to the theocratic republic in Tehran. The governement in Tehran is the most stable in 100 years of Iranian history. Even the last days of the Qajar dynasty in Iran there was major instability. One example is:

By 1905 this sentiment had grown into a popular movement, the Constitutional Revolution. Following a year of demonstrations and strikes, Muzaffar al-Din Shah was forced to agree to the creation of an elected parliament (the Majlis) and a constitution that limited royal power, established a parliamentary system of government, and outlined the powers of the legislature.

Britain and Russia, apparently fearing that a strong Iranian government might act too independently and threaten their interests in the region, agreed in 1907 to divide Iran into spheres in which each would exercise exclusive influence. Russia then encouraged Mohammad Ali Shah, Muzaffar’s successor who resented the constitutional limits on his authority, to dissolve the Majlis. In 1908 the shah attempted a coup against the elected government, bombing the Majlis building and dissolving the assembly. After a year of fighting between supporters of the constitution and forces loyal to the shah, the constitutionalists prevailed and deposed Mohammad Ali, who fled to Russia. His young son Ahmad Shah, vowing to respect the constitution, was installed under a regent.

What occured during the Pahlavi dynasty in Iran with regards to the Shia religious city of Qom? The city’s reemergence as a theological center coincided with the rise of the Pahlavi dynasty (1925-1979), a monarchy ruled by shahs that promoted various secular policies and engaged in overt anticlericalism from 1927 to 1941 and from 1962 to 1978. Tensions between the state and the clergy led in 1963 to major antigovernment demonstrations in Qom; these were repressed with considerable violence and bloodshed, creating a deep rift between the regime and several clerical leaders.

What did Iran's Islamic Republic founder say about the Pahlavi dynasty? From Najaf and later from Paris, where he lived after 1978, Khomeini urged Iranians to topple the shah, who he claimed was “robbing us of our brains.” When the shah was finally overthrown and forced to flee the country in January 1979, Khomeini returned to Iran. The Shah fled in 1979. He was overthrown. There was a revolution. 30 million Iranians were opposed to the Shah's rule.

That being written, the Iranian nation presently is the closest thing Iran has had in its whole history. The moderates may be able to liberalize Iran. And that is what Iran needs. During the moderate Khatami Administration Iran saw the opening of a subway, the opening of internet coffee shops and many other advances. Although, I am highly critical of any religious government, Iran's present government is the only hope for change in the right direction. Any other option would be counter productive.

Human Rights abuses in Iran must be addressed by Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and the United Nations. Only through that avenue can there be change in human rights standards in Iran. Will the theocratic republic in Iran exist for another 30, 100, 300, 2500 years? Probably so. What will happen after 2500 years of a theocratic republic in Iran? The Shia Muslim Messiah Imam Mahdi will return and take everyone to heavan on earth and the world will end. And everyone will live happily ever after. The End.

That being said. Hope for the best, and be prepared for the worst.

God Bless America.

And why not?


Islamic Democracy is an Oxymoron

by Korosh (not verified) on

Islamic Democracy or real elections are contradictory.
For those who believe otherwise please give one example of islamic republic act of democracy or free election in iran or in the history of islam in general.
Is there one islamic state in today's world that the people are living in Democracy and peace??



1hamvatan - why is Mousavi a criminal?

by Mehrnaz (not verified) on

I don't get into the discussion of whether reform, revolution (or coup??) is the ideal route for the people of Iran. I ask you a simple question, you call Mousavi a criminal although of a "lessor" type. What crime/crimes has he committed? If holding a position in the Islamic Republic after the Revolution makes you a criminal, what level of criminality do you apportion to the people who fought for, supported the Revolution, and many still do, regardless of the opinions of you or I? What level of criminality do you apportion to thousands of civil servants and diplomats, army officers, etc? Where do you draw the line on criminality?

And, what is the solution/punishment for dealing with those you call criminals at end of the "very long nightmare"?

As for myself, I will wholeheartedly vote for Mir Hussein Mousavi. Despite shortcomings and faults in the system and operation of elections in Iran, Mousavi is a candidate with a track record of incorruptibility, intelligence, wisdom and backbone. Very importantly, re-election of Ahmadi-Nedjad leaves Iran open to diplomatic isolation, continuing demonisation, and threats of military attack.


Islamic Democracy is an Oxymoron

by Korosh (not verified) on

Islamic Democracy is an Oxymoron so is islamic and any human values. For the morons and traitors who think ir elections are more than a sham and a poppet show they need a reality check.



What Elections??

by 1hamvatan (not verified) on

You not some "dude", You are real Vantanpars. Unlike some who thinks things in Iran can be fixed with lessor criminals such as Mousavi and so on.

We need to really wake up from this very long nightmare.
And only We the people of Iran must do it, no one else will.


What Elections?? Kidding Right?!?!

by Some dude (not verified) on

All of you are talking here as if there is a real Election coming up and that there are real candidates for people to choose.

When are you people gonna learn baba,,, THERE is NO DEMOCRACY in Iran right now. Its all just a circus to keep you people busy and in the meantime extend the life of this piece of shit regime.
Its all about pulling and pushing the people every 8 years in order to extend the Mulla Vacation that started 30 years ago and let them continue to milk this poor country until its bone dry.

And as long as Iranians continue to believe in this mirage, well guess what, you will never have happiness and a country you can be proud of...so go on and continue talking as if these are real elections and these are real candidates until u r blue in the face.
Good luck to all of you and may god bless Iran.


Mir Hossein Mousavi will win the Presidential Election

by Davood_Banayan on

Americans for a Democratic Republic in Iran.

Let me predict what will happen in the June 2009 Iranian Presidential elections.

This Mir Hossein Mousavi will be elected the next Iranian President.

What will happen after that?

President Hussein Obama will abolish the OFAC (Office of foreign assets control) embargo against Iran.  

Iran will for the 1st time in over 30 years have direct economic and political ties with the Iranian government.

President Obama will drink tea with Ayat'Allah Khamenei.

Iran will be permitted to obtain nuclear energy.

The Islamic Republic of Iran will be the first Iranian government in over  233 years of American history that will be viewed in a positive manner.

Let us not forget that the US movie "300" portrayed the Iranian king Xerxes as a filthy homosexual tyrant.  And during the same years present day Iran was labeled as part of the "Axis of Evil".  American history books write that the Pahlavi dynasty was one big "barbaric dictatorship".  No where in western society is Iran or Persia viewed in any positive manner.

This Mir Hossein Mousavi is the last hope to help save the reputation of the Iranian nation and people.

Iranians everywhere and anywhere should stand behind him and vote for him.  He is the only one that can bring positive change in the image portrayed of Iranians world wide.

After the dismissal of Ali Daei soccer coach in Iran, Iran is in dire need of a role model.

Andre Agassi is no where in sight to take that role.

Mir Hossein Mousavi is the only hope.


dariush Homayoon

by Sarzamine Man (not verified) on

"...in Iran, an Islamic Democracy model..", Islamic democracy ?? this for sure show the level of your knowledge at least LOL, but very shamefull, islamic democracy=pehene khosh bo




by Ostaad on

Thank you, my man, maa kheyli chaakerim, kheyli mennat gozaashdid. Let's stick to the motto of "live and let live". The more "interesting" thing is his using the title, you know what I mean. I bet he's either oblivious to what's going on, or doesn't give a damn, so why bother?

Then again, this is about Iran and not the good doctor's language skills, or the lack of them.



by dariush Homayoon (not verified) on

So this is the level of the knowledge that you hold about Iran? Interesting. You must read the constitution carefully and see the level of freedom that has been mentioned there.
For example, Shah could hold all the power and final vote, but if the constitution is taken in to account, he would not.
In Iran, the leader doesn't stand against every decision, he doesn't need to .There are many channels that the process goes through and most of those channels, similar to any western democracy, is trusted by the system. Means the system flushes those who disagree with the basis of the government model. In the US you can not be a commie and run for a senate. They kick your butt.
Anyways, in Iran, an Islamic Democracy model based on the Iranian culture and design, the Leader makes sure that no freaking president, like the Arabic countries next doors, will remain there forever. And it has been working well.

If you would like to have a democracy over night, please take a trip to Iraq and Afghanistan, otherwise realize that Iran is a country with diverse people and it takes some time for us to flush our dictatorial memory that had lasted 2500+ and begin to respect the opposition.
We are on our way. Slowly but surely. Amen to that.



by Iranyvaliazad on

I remember a few years after revolution, people coming out of Iran used to boast of increadible political knowledge of Iranians ... even once, I was told that an 8 year old can get into a meaningful political discussion with anyone ... and yet, it appears that citizens of Iran don't understand the most important rule in IRI constition as follows: 

IRI constitution dictates that no matter if people vote or not, no matter for whom and when citizens supposedly vote, regardless of national and international conditions .... there will always be one UNELECTED MOLLA in charge of everything.  This SUPREME leader answers to no one, and no laws pertain to him ... his words are the law and any law regardless how and why it was approved can be dismissed by this unelected person.  In other words, the presidential election in IRI is simply a mare useless theatrical show.  The office of president is nothing more than a clerical position, according to IRI officals and not anyone else.

So, I wonder if Iranians still claim to be number one political knowledgable folks on the face of the planet!


Go Mousavi

by Dariush Homayoon (not verified) on

Love this guy. He is the answer to the current Iranian economic problems. He is the DUDE. I pray to God that he gets elected. I really love his ideas.
He is the reason that I believe Iran is partly democratic and on her way to become the greatest country in the region.