Ekbatan Parkour Kids

Daredevils amidst familiar surroundings of Tehran's Ekbatan housing complex

Fun to watch. See another video from them.


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it's called Parkour or 'free

by Sohrab in Manchester (not verified) on

it's called Parkour or 'free runing'. anyway, that's my home town, I really miss Ekbatan :(


ج ج جون

ایرونی (not verified)

دمت جوش یعنی‌ چی‌؟ من فارسی‌ خوب نمیدانیم حرف بزنیم


Aleks:Is he a fat ass or a nut case?

by Anonymous e rooni (not verified) on



Looks like Iran could be competetive in Gymnastics!

by Q on


Jahanshah Javid

Very cool

by Jahanshah Javid on

Dametoon joosh!


Awesome Video

by Aleks (not verified) on

These guys are really good. Loved it. You wanna see more of these youtube Madonna "jump" video.
I got two words for those people with negative commens "FAT ASS"


Nice action

by پیام on

Great athletes. See here for more:


It's a relatively new form of sport. There is a movie starring Parkour athletes as well: Yamakasi (//www.imdb.com/title/tt0267129/).


On drugs

by Negin (not verified) on

Are these kids on drugs?????


Those kids need to be extra careful............

by Anonymous 123 (not verified) on

Those kids need to be extra careful.The way it is with Iranian medical care finding capable doctors and hospitals to treat broken bones, necks and skulls is hard .


nice thanks

by soccer (not verified) on

from street soccer to jumping around...kids of ekbatan have upgraded...good stuff...i remember i went to ekbatan ighschool for one year when we temporarly lived there before moving back to gisha

anyway i remember that little "pasaj" nice stuff thanks


ماشا آ...عمو فداتون شه ایشا آا..

خامه‌ای نژاد (not verified)

توله شیطون هارو ببین چطور دست میدن و خدافظی‌ می‌کنن. اینهو همین گنگ‌های خودمون تو لس انجلس.



by Poirot on

really cool parkour has become popular all around the world it seems, thanks to the Yamakasi who begin l'art du deplacment on the streets of paris back in 1998 , i had the chance to first see it in 1999 when i was living there and if you haven't had the chance to watch these guys go and buy yamaksi( or youtube it) you'll be blow away. again thanks party girl it was fun  to see this in iran.


According to SCE

by Mehdi on

These are kids on the death row and the akhoond in charge of their execution told them that if they can act like monkeys, entertain him and make him laugh, he would postpone their executions from morning to evening. that the truth! :-)


انرژی جوونیه دیگه

zohreh (not verified)

آ ره واقعا
هم که همینطور ه ..ای ول .. راست گفتی

American Wife

once again...

by American Wife on

awesome job Party Girl.  I don't know about y'all but just watching these kids makes my whole body hurt. 


انرژی جوونیه دیگه


باید یه راهی‌ برای خرج کردنش پیدا کنن.

این انرژی الان تو پاهاشونه، یواش یواش میاد یه متر بالا تر...یه سی‌  چهل سالی‌ اونجا میمونه و به پنجاه شصت که رسیدند میاد تو چونه شون، اونوقته که مدام حرف میزنن و آعصاب بقیه رو خط خطی‌ می‌کنن...فعلا" جوونن و دارن حال می‌کنن




امیر کبیر درشیره کش خانه سفارت انگلیس برای نهی از منکر (not verified)

همین شیطنت ها و بازیگوشی هاست که دولت را عصبانی میکند و آخوندها هم لج میکنند و اطفال زیر هجده سال را میگیرندو اعدام میکنند. چون سرو صدای این بچه ها بدون شک مزاحم خواب بعد از ظهر آخوندها میگردد.


Thanks Party Girl! This was

by skatermom (not verified) on

Thanks Party Girl! This was very cool. I love that parkour has made its way to Iran. Great video by these guys. My son and I had the opportunity to see this first hand in downtown Sydney/OZ 6 months ago and were stunned at the agility and creativity levels. If these Iranian kids can navigate physical obstacles with such finesse think what they could do with social barriers. Bravo!