Boycotting Ahmadinejad's U.S. Visit?

No Way!


Boycotting Ahmadinejad's U.S. Visit?
by Rostam Pourzal

For most of the last two decades, I felt strange when I was asked if my sons speak Farsi. When it was too late to change anything, I felt vaguely embarrassed for not having taught them my native language. I wondered silently if I'd cheated them or betrayed my heritage by not sending them to weekend Persian language schools that exist in my city, Washington. But I'm getting over those feelings lately, and it's not only because they are delightful young adults now. Rather, I'm comforted because I look around me in the expatriate community and I realize that my sons have learned something equally valuable, if less tangible. Their social consciousness goes well beyond accepting superficial tales of American virtue. Like me, they want this country to move towards its professed ideals before issuing judgment on human rights elsewhere.

Recently my older son heard about an opportunity to meet with President Ahmadinejad in New York this September. He spontaneously and enthusiastically wants to sign up. Not to go shake a finger at the Iranian leader, but to welcome him and express solidarity with Iran.

Would the young man be so charitable if he lived in Iran? Probably not, but we live in the United States, where demonizing Iran is the ruling elite's latest trick to distract Americans from home foreclosures, outsourced jobs and declining standard of living. Knowing that the U.S. military budget (for killing, let's face it) equals the rest of the world's combined, my son feels it would be irresponsible to join U.S. war profiteers as they magnify every shortcoming of Iran. I'm proud of his wisdom.

I wasn't half as smart when I was his age. I grew up in Iran during the Cold War with a father who fled the Russian Revolution and had nothing good to say about socialism of any kind. The curious youth that I was, I read most everything he brought home, including countless government-issued translations of Western exaggerations about horrors of life in Soviet Bloc countries. And I was fascinated even more than he was with the full color monthly mailed to us by the U.S. embassy while the Vietnam War raged on. My education about the civilizing mission of the White Man was rounded by the translated U.S. comics strip that portrayed Tarzan and Jane as bringing enlightenment to Africa. (My son, by contrast, finished reading Malcolm X's full autobiography before he was a teenager!)

Despite his best intentions, my immigrant father missed a prime opportunity in 1959 to teach me about human rights. That was when my elementary school and others closed for a day so students could line the streets of Shiraz to cheer President Eisenhower's motorcade (and a year earlier or later, Queen Elizabeth's motorcade). I proudly showed my father the black and white photos that I took of the "Free World" leaders waving from their open limousines in the direction of my class. He didn't dare tell me about the Anglo-American coup that had only a few years earlier brought back the Shah and established the SAVAK.

My father had an eventful army life, which made him extra cautious about politics. He'd been put in prison (for months?) along with other Iranian officers by the invading Soviet army during the Second World War as the Reds struggled to defeat fascist Germany. Later he was a junior aide to prime minister Ali Razmara, who was assassinated by an Islamist extremist in 1951. I'm sure he never dreamed that even after retirement he'd be taken away and nearly executed by a local revolutionary "Komiteh" after Khomeini's return in 1979.

Anyhow, I grew up believing everything horrible that I heard about the Soviet bloc, not realizing that Western capitalism has left a far bloodier trail of death and destruction while pretending to promote "human rights." For as long as he lived, my immigrant father loved for the rest of my family to speak Azerbaijani Turkish like him, and we did. I am thankful for that. But the "American democracy" fairy tale that he thought Iran should copy was patently false. And when I realized that after I arrived on these shores, I decided I wouldn't pass it on to my children.

My sons know that the "Soviet enemy" strength was exaggerated in the U.S. not in order to protect American citizens, but to silence dissent and undermine democracy in this country. And I know that thousands of immigrants from Eastern Europe with questionable backgrounds were recruited, in some cases unknowingly, to spread poisonous propaganda in the West for the "liberation" of their homelands. A similar campaign is now under way to use fear of Iran (and Islam) to suppress dissent here at a time of sharply rising bankruptcies, health care crisis, and rising social inequality. "Patriotic" advocates of ever increasing U.S. military budgets at the expense of public services couldn't be happier.

Political opportunism is not uncommon anywhere, but when it happens here it infects the whole world. Around the time when Iran's national hero, Mohammad Mossadegh, was overthrown by the CIA, hundreds of U.S. citizens were caught in a dragnet initiated by Senator Joseph McCarthy for alleged communist leanings. Most lost their reputations, livelihoods, or both. That episode cast a long shadow on how history and social studies are taught in schools and what the media dare to publish, with public opinion to follow. Democracy has never recovered here from the resulting corruption and paranoia, with the near-impeachment of Richard Nixon being an exception.

I encouraged my son when he said he wanted to greet Iran's president in New York three weeks from now. Some others may boycott the meeting out of concern for democracy in Iran. But my sons are American citizens and have a responsibility to protect democracy in the U.S. from McCarthy-style witch hunts in this country, the kind that Columbia University, Zionist organizations, and some Iranian fugitives subjected the Iranian president to last September. As long as we support the American war machine, however reluctantly, with our taxes, we have a solemn duty to dissent from the prevailing myth that Iran is a danger to the world and should be isolated.

I'd be happier if my sons spoke Farsi in addition to being defenders of democracy for Americans. But realistically at this point I don't think both my wishes will come true.


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I am all for a referandum

by cyclicforward on


If you think that Iranians want this regime and would vote for it, then why don't we have a free referandum and ask the people whether they want to be ruled by Mullah's. In all honesty, I give Iranian people much more credit and I believe if that happens, we will see the end of this savage and barabarian IRI government. 


Leave Iran alone

by bedakshi (not verified) on

soufi: What does Israel have to do with Iran????

Are you palestinian???


Militant and armed= Powerful Islamist fundies!

by shameoniriaplogists (not verified) on

They are so powerful that they have been able to bring down one of


Powerful= armed, brutal, savagely violent, muderous criminals, rutless, immoral and barbaric.

P.S. If any other group was as ruthless and violent as the Islamists fundies, they would be in power now.


  Dear All,  

by varjavand on


Dear All,


Occasionally, I interject myself into a discussion reluctantly and this is one of those occasions.

Please consider the following points:


Comments on this site are like raw mineral aggregates, we need to use our wisdom to winnow out the gold from the debris and focus on the gold and ignore the debris. To see how silly are some of the comments, please read some of them about my earlier peace posted on Aug. 22nd, entitled 46 Signs Why US Economy is in Recession. It was meant to be purely humorous, just for your enjoyment. I was accused of conspiracy to bring down the free-enterprise system, and of course being an agent of IRI as usual. My fellow brothers, I am a university professor who has been preaching free enterprise system fro more than two decades, how can I be anything less than an astute supporter of market-based economies?


I have been living on my own since I left high school at the age of 16, I was only 20 when I graduated from Tehran University and always worked to finance my education, entered this country (US) in 1973, hence have living here before, during, and after revolution, have worked on non-stop basis, did all sorts of not-so-interesting jobs from car hopping, truck driving, dish washing, pizza delivery to finance my education. Now, you tell me how can I be an agent of IRI, a government I had no role in bringing it to power, and even had a chance to vote for any of its political candidates?


Be realistic, more than 90% of Iranian population is Muslim, most of whom Do Atishe. Majority of them trust no government unless it has an element of religion to it. They are so powerful that they have been able to bring down one of the most brutally powerful regimes with their bare hands. IRI, whether you like it or not, came to power through long decades of struggle by devout Muslims and their resilient leaders and their resolved supporters and sympathizers like my folks back home, like Haj Mostafa, the only son of my childhood next door neighbor, Amoo Haydar, and if democracy means vote of the majority, that is what they wanted and shouldn’t we respect that? I really want to know.


You can sway no opinion by playing with words and by leveling accusations. We are all educated and critical thinkers, not Mashdi Hassan or Dash Ghooloom.


I wish some commenters would discuss in more detail one of the other important issues raised in this article; whether we should try to teach our reluctant kids Farsi or not, and whether doing so, or failure to do so, would affect their academic performance. Why are we so obsessed with trivial issues, sensationalism, and controversies?


I wish the author of this article could come aboard with his own remarks and rebuttals, I think he can’t because this is a reprint from another site.




Mr. President, Welcome to America

by soufi on

and please do not worry about the anti-iranian propaganda that Zio-Nazis and their lackys may be waging against you or against the Iranian nation. These are blood suckers that you so smartly defeated in Lebanon in 2006 using the brave Lebanese Hezbollah soldiers, these are the same animals that humanity and rules of human discourse don't mean anything to them, these are the same beasts that rather see young palestinian blood all over their hands and face, boldoze homes and farms, rape women and  children, and kill and imprison their men. The world knows them, and their fire are always at the strong, independent, and powerful nation of ours. Just ignore them.


thank you.


Free thinker

by Mammad on

Say whatever you want, but you still have not answered a simple question: Who are you to assess what other people have done? Some sort of "intelligence service" for the "opposition?" If that is the case, put my name on your black list.

And who gave you the mission to represent "the rest of users?"

I and people like me (in fact, everybody) do not have to "defend" their record, least of all with you, because you are a free thinker and feel free to say what you want, no matter what you hear, so long as you don't like what you read.





by Annonymous (not verified) on

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. As they say "damet garm"


The zenith of Islamist logic

by Fred on

“Also, purely based on what you haven't said, I conclude that you are Nazi sympathizers too. If you denounce the Nazis now, it's obviously only because I called you on it.”

So, if one were foolish enough to buy into this line of typical Islamist reasoning and at the same time notice that this Islamist has not condemned many things including incest, then wouldn’t the resulting conclusion be as outrageous as his?

Farhad Kashani

Hypocrite expatriate

by Farhad Kashani on

Hypocrite expatriate Iranians who chose to come to the West which they bashed all along instead of going to N Korea or China or Cuba which they loved, and whom now support and apologize for the worst murderous regime in Iranian history, see everything through ideological lenses. Facts and reason can go down the toilette as far as they care.


1-     Iranians are smart, but we’re not alone in this world, and we have to admit that we are behind in some fields and we need to engage with the world community to obtain latest scientific, technological, educational, economical, and other achievements to better ourselves. All countries do that, why shouldn’t we? This blind outdated isolationism nonsense by people like you is what has kept us behind and where as other countries in the world advance through interchange of ideas.

2-     Iranians have done, are doing and will do a lot for the world civilization, but not Iranians like you. Because we don’t believe in clash of civilization like you do. And the reason that IRI is still in power is the relentless effort by people from your political belief to apologize and justify the regime's actions abroad, and inside of Iran, because of the rarely-seen brutality of the illegal and illegitimate regime in oppressing the Iranian people.

3-     U.S is not a “colonial power”, and yes damn sure it cares about democracy, but also damn sure it puts its country’s interest first versus promoting democracy as any elected government should. But it was the U.S which sacrificed hundreds of thousands of its people and billions of its money to not only defeat the most un-democratic regimes in the world (prior to the IRI) Nazism and Communism, but it brought and promoted democracies to those countries whom were under the rule of those two. U.S has already passed its test. The world knows it. You leftists can yell and shout all you want, even Jacque Chirac, a staunch anti Bush declared, in the presence of Bush in Normandy, that U.S brought back democracy to France.

4-     Absolutely. There is only one answer to Iran’s problem: regime change. This is the minimum the Iranians are asking for. And let me tell you why, because this illegal and illegitimate regime gave itself the right to interfere in every single aspects of our lives including how we make love in our bedrooms, what music to listen to, what food to eat, what cloth to wear, what religion to have, what T.V station to watch……I’m not even gonna touch on the lack of political freedoms. So when the regime is involved in every aspect of our lives, then we have no other choice. Many countries in the world have inflation, poverty,, corruption, and all kinds of problems, but no one is asking for regime change, rather, for the “officials of that regime” to change. But IRI is a different animal, with all do respect to all animals!


Finally, I have to say this which is the ultimate hypocricy,,,,from someone who always promotes for faulting others for things that we did as people, it is very very very interesting to see him promoting for self responsibility! This individual who always blames Iran’s mishaps on others, well lets not fool each other, the U.S, now is coming out and saying “we are responsible”, and “let our people take matters into their own hands”…and things like that. But when you argue for the same in historical events in Iran’s history, he never says it’s the Iranian people’s responsibility ..!! How sad is that? So easy to blame “Uncle Sam”, “FOX news”, “Aliens”!!!!,  when you’re trying t make your own argument, but when someone else makes the same argument, lets just call him “CIA agent”!!


How sad is it what some Iranians are doing to Iran?




How Tehrangelesi's see the world

by Q on

"Brave" Tehrangelesi keyboardist warriors for freedom (TM) always see the world in black and white. Their entire self-centered and shallow philosophy of life combined with their enormous insecurity means that they always make these assumptions:

1) Iran and Iranian people are helpless morons who need guidance and direction from smart Euro-Americans or at least the wanna-be Iranian equivilant living in the West (see Fred and far-from "Free" Thinker).

2) Nothing can be accomplished by Iranians for Iranians. (This is important because it justifies why the Iranian exile community has been pretty much sitting on it's ass talking trash for 30 years and still wonders why the tooth fairy hasn't delivred on any of their wishes.)

3) The United States and other former colonial powers truly and selflessly cares about Iranians and democracy, therefore, the only value of any Iranian who cares about Iran is to "alert" these do-gooders so they can make things nice again in Iran and return the country to its rightful "Persian" owners. This is done by making as much noise as possible about Human Rights.

4) The answer to evrything is regime change. Considering points (1-3) from above, Iranians are incapable of regime change: those inside Iran are morons (otherwise they would be out here like "us"), and those outside are powerless, all they can do is serve the "grown ups" who can actually change things.

Since many of our Tehrangelesi human rights "fighter" friends subscribe the these points, it is clear that any independent initiative by a group of Iranians who want to affect change must be an IRI ploy. Iranians creating peace? Trying to facilitate dialogue? Maybe de-escalating the war of words? Moving away from Uncle Sam's blueprint for Iran and Fox News lens of Iranian leaders????

"NO!" they say. "Such a thing can't be done," "must be a trick" or "will fail". You see, "Iranians are not smart enough to do things like that."

The only thing Iranians must and should do is cry! Just like the past 30 years, crying to Uncle Sam is the only activity one can do.

The bottom line is this: Don't think for yourself! Never take responsibility and try to do something independent to fix the problem! Those smart and powerful Americans can solve everything, just make sure they hear your constant cries about Iran. Once they become aware, they will fix it! Honest!

Mammad: I disagree with your assessment. I also disagree with Pourzal. I think a meeting never hurts anybody. The ulternative is no dialogue which leads directly into violence. There is no way in hell, MA somehow missed the circus that surrounded his coming to New York last time. Let's be serious: he knows he has major Iranian opposition. But even if he somehow doesn't know he surely won't find out if no one tells him to his face.

Fred/Free: You and your buddy (or is it the same person as "free thinker" and "anonymous1111", comments are only minutes apart, but you know actually I couldn't care less), sound like fascist vigilantes who keep a watch and a "file" on every Iranian who has guts to share their story and life's work. Where have you learned these techniques? SAVAK? CIA? MOSAD? East Germany Police? I'm exercising my "right" to notice the similarities here. I notice the absense of any posts against these organizations from you. Thus you are all the same person and you are here to spy on peace loving Iranians. Also, purely based on what you haven't said, I conclude that you are Nazi sympathizers too. If you denounce the Nazis now, it's obviously only because I called you on it.

I hope I'm not misusing my "rights" am I?

Pourzal isn't the only person against war. The majority of Americans are pro-dialogue and anti war. Are they all "islamists" on the IRI payroll? Have you harrassed them too?

Anonymous1111: Your last attempt at pure demonization was truly sad. Unfortunately, it wasn't even funny.


Trusting Mashdi

by Fred on

“In my opinion, the fact is that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the coalition of the reactionary religious forces and parts of the security/military aparatus that supports him have not only done nothing to defend Iran's NIs or address its legitimate NCs, but also have done much to hurt them. I am not even talking about their utter incompetence in running the economy, rather their political repression, gross violations of human rights, and aggressive foreign policy - if we can call it that. “

By omission, the semi-annual Iran visitor is approving of the Islamist republic’s bang up job of safeguarding Iran’s, as he abbreviates them “NCs” & NIs”,  but not this particular gang which is less accommodating to his passé Islamist group. And what is this “NCs” & NIs” criticisms of the head of U.S. branch of CASMII lobby? The frequent flyer is on the record defending CASMII and its members by telling doubters to “trust me“ for he knows a particularly pro Islamist republic one of them in his vicinity personally. Too bad one of his likeminded buddies, an Islamist republic “election” administrator, getting a brief taste of what Iranians have been going through for thirty years has messed up the semi-annual trips for the time being.



Mammad, & Co.

by Free Thinker (not verified) on

The reason that I addressed you as a Company shareholder is that you and your co-thinkers share the same values and and support the same mission statement.

Your attempt to defend the records of your "real" life is meaningless here because as far as I and the rest of the users are concerned you are another registered user who chooses to call himself (if indeed you are male user) Mammad. Other than this, all we know about you is based on your records on this site. Therefore, claiming that in your "other" existance you support "this" or oppose "that" makes no difference. Your claims about your "other" life remain unproven as far as you are known on the basis of your stated opinions under the registered name of Mammad. The same applies to all other users, registered or not, who choose to remain unknown - myself included.

In real life you may be a female hair dresser, with a very colorful private life, supporting Gay and Lesbian rights,a boozer, a pervert OR you may be a staunch supporter of AIPAC, recruited by the CIA as part of their Psy-Op activities. ALL these are unknown to us. And, using your own words I for one could not give two hoots who you may or may not be in real life. I can only assess you based on your stated opinions that have appeared on this site and I have read them. You are not seriously suggesting that we should have psychic powers to "know" who you are and what you do in your real life?!!

So based on your stated opinins on this site, as Mammad, you are a defender of Islam and a backer of the Islamic regime of Iran, albeit with certain reservations about some of their activities. In other words, you market yourself as a "reformed" Islamic thinker as opposed to a "conservative" one.

And please, do not try to suggest that I share your warped logic. Becaise I don't. You are not a representative of the "few millions in exile" and not all the "few millions in exile" are users of this website. You know very well that I am tallking about the's regular user community of which you are one. And from this point of view, on this site and as Mammad, you have not chosen to contribute a supportive comment in defense of the Child Execution in Iran (vis a vis Behnam Zare).

Oh, I know that it is your "right" not to contribute if you don't want to and you exercised your right to "absention" to serve your conscious. I, too, used my "right" to condemn your absention and those of the regular "reformed" backers of the Islamic regime with concern about the abuse of human rights, like Mehdi, Q, et. al. to serve my conscious.

I see no misuse of my rights here, do you?


I do not apologize for anything

by Free Thinker (not verified) on

One of the disadvantages of being a non-verified user is that your chosen indentity can be used by anyone who intends to assume yours. Here is the example: Someone also calling him/her self "Free Thinker" has written a short comment apologizing to Rostam Pourzal on my behalf. Hereby, I disown such comments and stand firm on my words: I believe that Rostam Pourzal is a discredit to his name. Now I hope Iranian.come publishes my disclaimer and allow non verified users to use this site FREELY, without the constant fear of being harrased or pushed to register by their opposers.

Those who are familiar with my line of thinking know that Free Thniker does not apologize to those who deny Freedom of Thinking to Iranians or to their supporters.


Mr. Pourzal

by Mammad on

Every nation - rich or poor, weak or powerful, large or small - has some true and legitimate national interests (NIs) and national concerns (NCs). The very definition of NIs and NCs is that these are those interests and concerns that are independent of the type of political system that a nation has, or its ruling group.

The definition also implies that defending Iran's true NIs and helping it address its true NCs are NOT mutually exclusive from criticizing the ruling group, or opposing it.

In my opinion, the fact is that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the coalition of the reactionary religious forces and parts of the security/military aparatus that supports him have not only done nothing to defend Iran's NIs or address its legitimate NCs, but also have done much to hurt them. I am not even talking about their utter incompetence in running the economy, rather their political repression, gross violations of human rights, and aggressive foreign policy - if we can call it that.

So, meeting with MA in New York is NOT, in my opinion, expressing solidarity with Iran and Iranians. To the contrary, it is an act against Iran and Iranians. Given the mentality of MA, such meetings only reinforces his belief that Iranians support him - the reality is anything but. One can support Iran's NIs and oppose MA and his supporters at the same time. Just take a look at the internal political scene.

The only possible benefit that meeting with MA in New York can have is if one just stands up and criticizes his policies with clarity, reason, and good judgement. That, of course, does not happen, because "nezaarat-e estesvabi" and vetting people are applied even to the crowd that is supposed to meet with MA. 



Free Thinker

by Mammad on

Apparently, as a free thinker, you feel free to say whatever pleases you, even if it is baseless, or absurd.

1. First of all, who are you to think that you should check to see who has signed this or that list, or has made contribution to this or that blog? 

2. Secondly, who says that if someone has not signed this or that list, or has not made contribution to this or that blog, he/she is a supporter of the IRI? You say that when you checked the SEC blog, there were 60 contributors. So, does that mean that everyone else - and there are a few million Iranians in exile -  is an IRI supporter? By your logic, they are, in which case the IRI must be doing something right (I do not think so, though)!

3. We all should contribute, if we choose to do so, the way we think we should do it, and the way we feel competent about, not to please free thinkers like you. Unlike a free thinker like you, some of us prefer to write articles about what they actually have knowledge (not just information, but knowledge, because there is a difference between the two), rather than having claims to.

4. People like me condemn any violation of human rights. I have done it to the best of my ability, and will continue to do so in the same manner. I do not give a hoot whether that meets your criterion, because whatever I do is not aimed at pleasing people like you, so that you can approvingly put a check mark in front of my name.

5. In fact, I have not been to Iran for 18 months - and I used to go at least twice a year to teach and talk to my doctoral students there - because my last two visits there were horrible, exactly because of my activities here in defense of what I believe should be defended, and for criticizing what I believe should be criticized. Once again, I do not give a hoot whether what I do or have done meets your standards or criteria.

6. I invite you to visit Tehran to see your relatives, just to experience of the stares of security of intelligence officers at Tehran airport, let alone what I went through, which threw me in a hospital for an extended time, after coming back here. I continue to do what I was doing before the experience. 

7. So, perhaps, you yourself should revisit the meaning of the word SHAME for yourself. Free thinking does not mean freely accusing people and hiding behind a pseudo-name. Unlike you, I do not shamelessly say that you do not know the word, but just that you should revisit it.



My Dear Mr Varjavand!

by samsam1111 on

""Writing for this site is, of course, a precarious business. You have to be either anti IRA or pro conservative to get some respect.""

Meanwhile the last time I checked, the front page of this site is more or less the sole property of Your camp of thinking & vision , thanks to an ideologicaly inclined protectorate grand master who digs Your line of thought. Poor nobodies like us (the Patriots) in the back pages have nothing else but these meager rations of comments to indulge on this one way propaganda. So with all due respect , Quit whining & Enjoy the free ride assigned to You my dear man!.

PS* ..On a lighter note I must commend you as one of the very rare baradars with Immaculate grammer & Wealth of vocabulary. The content may not be much but the style written, is always an A+..Here ! You got yourself a positive comment by Me for once!



Let's all go meet Ahmadinejad. A great idea!

by Mehdi on

This is a great opportunity to help create a connection between all Iranians of all sides. Let's come up with things we wnt to talk to him about (like the role of Israel in creating violence and instability in Middle East, or how CIA is providing the MEK with huge loads of money, etc). We could invite him to start activities and efforts in order to re-establish US-Iran relations so that the enemies of Iran can't use this as an excuse to destroy Iran with their fraudulent sanctions, etc.

I say, the users of should get together and go meet him. We can have JJ as our leader! What do you think?

Keep in mind that meeting with Ahmadinejad does not mean supporting everything he does. On the contrary we could voice all our concerns in a civilized manner (not like the way ZioNazis and MEK are doing). Really, what do you think?


How Funny!!!

by Anonymous1111 (not verified) on

Q wants to go to the meeting. He's asking if it's open to everyone...that's funny....and sad.


sorry Mr. Pourzal

by Free Thinker (not verified) on

It was pointed out to me that I was somewhat of an rude a-hole saying things about you that I have no clue about. I guess it can be easy to criticize your name and your family when using an anonymous pseudonym. Please forgive this jesarat.


Mr. Pourzal; While I

by varjavand on

Mr. Pourzal;

While I am not familiar with your other works, based on what I read in this article, you are a good writer even though I do not agree with everything you have said. Writing for this site is, of course, a precarious business. You have to be either anti IRA or pro conservative to get some respect. Otherwise, the unforgiving readers take you to the back room and bit you up with the hard batons of their comments. With no reference to anyone in particular, some commenters in this site are very good at labeling, discrediting, accusing, ridiculing, opportunity seeking, or rejecting one’s opinion outright. Everyone is, of course, free to comment but I believe we ought to be careful they way we express our opinions. We should respect the rule of cordiality even in Internet. Befarma, beshin, and betamarg have the same meaning as we say in Farsi.


Criticizing the misguided policies of the U. S. government does not mean rejecting the core values based on which this nation was founded or the conspiracy to eradicate the democratic system of this country. Likewise, ad hoc support of the IRA does not imply the blanket approval of everything it does.


I feel the same guilt as you perhaps do when it comes to teaching Farsi to my kids. Not that I didn’t try, I did, but not succeeded. There is an expression that says “you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink”




Well said Free Thinker

by Anonymous activist (not verified) on

Your comment is a damning indictment against Pourzal and all other IRI apologists (your list could be extended) who support him. Although they are anonymous to us, they cannot use their anonymity to express a word of sympathy for the victims of this murderous regime. This is so because they are not anonymous to each other and to their puppeteers. Their trips to Iran, Pouzal proudly boasts about his frequent trips to Iran, may be jeoprodized if they show, anonymously as it is, any sign of support for the victims of this regime.

Nowhere can you see the true colors of CASMII (Pourzal), NIAC (Trita Parsi), and AIC (Houshang Amir-Ahmadi) better than on such occasions.

Thanks for the comments.


criminals as your son't hero!

by howinteresting. (not verified) on

Your son wants to show solidarity with a criminal like Ahmadinejad??? What a brainwashed child he must be to have a brutal dictator and a liar as his hero.

If Americans and American-Iranians' youth consider Ahmadinejad and the criminal leadership brutalizing Iranians as their hero, there is something gravely wrong with our culture and code of ethics and morality.

Would your son shake Bush's hand and declare his solidarity with Bush??? What a travesity of son and father.


How dare you talk about your sons Pourzal ...

by Free Thinker (not verified) on

when the real sons of Iran are being put to death at the tender age of 15 and lower in the hands of the regime you are so proud to meet its President and back its records. I went thru the entire 60 or so member list of contributors on the recent SCE blog who entirely had condemned the barbarous murder of Behnam Zare but couldn't see a single contribution from you or any of your usual backers like, Mammad, Mehdi, Q, or even the inarticulate John Crapenter III! Where were you or where were your sons when this boy was pleading for his short life to be spared?

Your father failed in teaching you one word in Farsi which is too late by now for you to grasp its meaning: SHAME!

You do not need to crawl so low to justify your support of the Islamic regime. At least don't hide behind your sons. The Real Rostam killed his son not by intent but by accident. He did not shield his son to justify his action. You are neither a Rostam and less even a Pour-e Zaal!

I invite you and your sons to hear the last pleas of Behnam for his life at the leisure of your adopted American home. Now sit back and enjoy the wailing of Behnam.



Are the sons Muslim?

by Balouchi (not verified) on

Here are some simple points of view from a simple mind. For one to be considered Iranian then one needs to speak Farsi and should consider Iran before Islam, we are all Iranians and most are Muslims. Do the sons consider themselves Muslims and is it on those basis that they are considering a meeting with Ahmadinejad or are they Americans of Iranian descent who are just curious.
On a different subject matter, here is another simple point of view protaining to the US military. The Armed Forces should be considered as liberating forces who is standing up for liberty and so on and so forth and the only reason why Iran has not been attacked is that could it be possible for Iran to already have nuclear weapons that could have easily been purchased after the fall of the Soviets, hence the astronomical budget for the US military.
One can always make the arguement that a terrorist on one hand is considered a freedom fighter by the other. The military has been present in Germany and Japan after WWII and they will be there in Iraq and Afghanistan and the surrounding countries from Bahrain to Kuwait for a long time, democracy takes a very long time to get established considering we who they are dealing with may be forever.


Mr pourzal,why you're not

by rok goo (not verified) on

Mr pourzal,why you're not going to live in Iran with your sons to see this petty dictator every week, and shake hand with him after namaz jomeh.
we all know the U.S and U.K and European,Russian,chinees governments all are Iranian enemy and I'm not expected more from them.
but I do expect from Iranian government to protect Iranian from enemies not prepare them for slaughter,looking after the resources and national wealth,created jobs distributed wealth fairly and many moor ........
in a country that no individual have personal freedom even in their own home,how dare you defending this regime,if I live the past 25 years out of Iran(and never returned) is not for fame and wealth just for personal freedom. (working 6 days a week to support my family and children's education).

ma be in dar na payeh hshmato jah amadeh eam az badeh hadeseh in jah be panah amadeh eam. (hafez)


Islamist through and through

by Fred on

By your (stupid) argument, no one should be "clamoring" to meet wtih any US leader. In fact, the same could be said of China, Russia, Mexico, France, Germany, UK, Israel, Spain, etc. By your own standard, if people shouldn't meet Ahmadinejad because of what IRI did decades ago, they should surely kick President Bush on sight, because of what America did decades ago. If you agree with this, we can say you are at least fair.


Islamists’ warped logic aside, their propensity to verbal and physical violence which is on full daily display in their Islamist republic can be seen in all their exchanges elsewhere.


Italian treatment for Mahmud please

by cyclicforward on

I agree with aaj sr. He should get the Italian treatment in U.S. so he realizes what people of the world think of him and his brutal IRI regime.May he join the dust bin of history like his Khomeini


From: //

by paintedsun (not verified) on

Farzad Kamangar is a young teacher and human rights activist who has been arrested and sentenced to death in Iran. Many organizations have so far protested this sentence, among which Education International has called on one and all to do the same in order to save Farzad's life.

We are on the threshold of International Teacher's Day, October the 5th. It is a day of paying respect to the teachers across the world who teach our children science and friendship. It is therefore an appropriate opportunity to organize a global protest against the death sentence given to Farzad Kamangar by the regime in Iran.

We request that you declare this International Teacher's Day an international day of protest against the death sentence for Farzad Kamangar and all others sitting on death row in Iran. Please ask all institutions within your own organization, as well as all human rights organizations, to organize, among others forms of pressuring the Iranian regime, protest actions in front of the embassies of Islamic Republic of Iran, demanding Farzad Kamangar's sentence to be overturned.

During the past two years we have had international days of solidarity with the workers in Iran, in the form of demonstrations in front of Islamic Republic's embassies in many countries, and protest letters flooding the offices of the regime's authorities. It is now absolutely vital that we initiate a global movement against the executions and execution sentences in Iran, in general, and Farzad Kamangar's sentence, in particular. Let the Islamist regime see for itself that the world public opinion is against such premeditated murders and will come to the rescue of those awaiting their deaths in its dungeons. Let Farzad Kamangar's mother who has appealed to the people of the world for her son's life see for herself that many a good heart beats for her son's freedom, and that they will be linked in action on October the 5th to cry out loud the demand for his death sentence to be overturned.

Long live international solidarity of civilized humanity to save Farzad Kamangar's life!

Best regards,

Mina Ahadi
Spokesperson – International Committee against Execution
Tel: + 49 -1775692413


A Time for Healing

by Mehdi on

I think you rightly so, should be proud of your son. And you should also be proud for raising him so wise. I think this is a great opportunity for al Iranians to put the past behind them and take a step forward.

Let's not value too much the violent fight between the regime and other power-seeking groups such as MEK.Let's not falsely call that a suppression of people but a fight between two groups seeking power, helped by CIA and Mosad agents.

Today, calling for violent action against the regime comes ONLY from ZioNazis (bloodsuckers in Tel-Aviv) and the MEK. Others have not been involved. Let's not succumb to their propaganda. Isolating Iran and demonizing it is only going to worsen the situation for us Iranians and our relatives. Only those who have no relatives in Iran or have allegiances to other regimes (such as ZioNazis) are shouting for violent action and isolating Iran, sanctions, etc.

Your son is doing the right thing. Establishing communication is the real way to bring about a better condition in Iran. There is no honest reason for doing otherwise. Let's make Iran more peaceful and more progressive.


He must be boycotted like he was in Italy

by aaj sr (not verified) on

He must understand that he is not welcomed anywhere as long as he is treating our country, our brothers and sisters our youth, our women,our heritage, our water, our land, our history the way he and his boss and his predecessor maltreated, savagely raped, disrespected the first basic element of our rights. He must be confronted for the lies and deceit he and his bosses and his predecessor inflicted in million of us inside and outside of our home land.
He must be reminded that he and his thugs are going to be arrested and put on trial sooner or later, same as other inhuman animals in the history of mankind for charges against humanity and cultural genocides, corruption on behalf of 70 million people.
While we reject WAR , but for the sake of whoever you believe, Please no appeasing, Please show your anger, your frustration toward regime's inhuman treating of our people and our country.
remember all our people in Iran are in prison, they cannot increase their voice and show their frustration, this is our duty to represent them and shout as loud and as strong as we can, and that's not anything to do with our disrespect toward our country; contrary this shows how mad we are, how crazy we are for our homeland but disagree entirely with this un-Islamic regime of Iran.
We love Iran but we hate the regime.
We love freedom but not Islamic type of twisted so called freedom.
We love human rights but hate the inhuman, gender apartheid Islamic dictatorial regime of Iran.