Photo essay: Shah and Soraya in Miami Beach, Flroida




Shah loved Iran and how sad

by Dunken (not verified) on

Shah loved Iran and how sad it is that he was against Mosadiq. I miss both of them in some paradoxical site: Shah and Mosadiq!


very lovely,they are in

by shahdoost (not verified) on

very lovely,they are in better place.


Was this really in Miami, FL?

by IraniIrooni (not verified) on

Just asking because in the picture where they are sitting in the convertible car, the steering-wheel is on the right side. In the US, unlike the UK, the driver's seat and the steering-wheel is usually on the left side.

Regarding the Mossadegh comment ... obviously, you are not familiar with the history, and obviously, there's not much common sense in your comment. Mossadegh wasn't fighting for a religion. He didn't want a theocracy. He wanted to give us an identity that we deserved. One that said Iran is a democratic country, Iran has a lot of oil, and therefore Iran has a lot of money as it sells its valuable oil. How can you even begin to think that it is ok for a foreign country to run another country? Or to get its most valuable resource and export basically for free???? Or to have a puppet, the Shah, in power, that will do nothing for his country.

I am not an ayatollah follower, and I would like to see our current Iran change. But I will always support Mossadegh. Even when he was ousted illegally and immorally, he left peacefully thinking that there should not be too much bloodshed in his beloved country.


great pictures

by MRX1 (not verified) on

Thanks for posting these pictures. they are great.



by Hasan (not verified) on

He looked goffy back then.


Javid Shah... for ever.

by Shah Doost (not verified) on

Javid Shah for ever.

Hell with Mosadeq and his mordeh_khor followers.

Let's see if JJ and his gestapo sidekicks post this response.


What we must never forget is

by Anonymous1010 (not verified) on

What we must never forget is that this man destroyed iran's first democratic leader Dr. Mosadegh with his coup d’état. Iranian triators and foreign agents helped him carry out this act of criminal treachery. Like most criminals who live by the sword, he also died by the sword. Good ridence.

No amount of pictures from the 50's will change the fact that this traitor destroyed iran's first democracy and took our country back 100 years. I hope he rots in hell.


True Love Story

by c (not verified) on

God bless their souls. I think the two had one of the most beautiful and sad love stories of this century. If only he knew what held for him, he wouldn't have felt the stupid Iranian culuture's pressure to have an heir and he would've been so much more happier with his Soraya living in a villa in Monte Carlo.

I only hope that there is an after life and that they've reunited.