Incredible progress 1908-2008

04/08/2009 - 23:10


I don't think the below

by Fatollah (not verified) on

I don't think the below picture is from Iran!



by Mitra Khuzestani (not verified) on



This newer picture may not be from Iran

by farrad02 on

But we all know that scenes like this happen in Iran everyday!

Where this picture was taken doesn't change the relevance of this post and it's truth to Iran's situation!


Incredible Progress 1908-3008

by Passive Activist like the Rest (not verified) on

With our level of involvement in changing Iran, our grand-grand-children will be posting on: Incredible Progress 1908-3008

According to effing islam;
the person who lashes must hold a effing koran under his armpit while lashing and koran shouldn't be falling down while the punishment is in process.
Look at the mentaly sick carrying out the rule of mentaly sick mammad.

ThePope clip;
khomeini-ye madarjendeh right in our face said we need no civilization but islam and nobody realized how widely he is planning to ruin Iran and those who did, like all active parties, movements and intellectuals back then didn't say a word.
Wow, it seems they all had the same agenda regarding Persian civilization.

Pope thanks for the clip. This time there will be only one party; the Pan-Iranist party.
We need to take Jewish people mentality and methodology as an example along with our own for Iran's future. These two nations are most hated in the region and they always have been attacked and persecuted by envious international and neighboring thieves and moftkhors.


shomali: Khar

by sosad (not verified) on

shomali: Khar khodeti.

What's next. Ahamd Batebi is not Iranian either. He was beaten by cable and his teethr were broken. Remember Osanlue, they cut his tongue. Are you saying he is not Iranian either.




Down with islam and its supporter

by Iran parast (not verified) on

Iranian have to dell whit this barbaric islam and break the chain of slavery[mavaly]and get free and be come them self in there country - Iran well need a clean up.


Why the Masks??

by sickofiri (not verified) on

"The world has seen nothing like it. When Majid Kavosifar was hanged in public in Tehran for killing criminal judge Hassan Moghadas, no one expected to see the expression they saw on his face the day of his execution.

As Kavosifar was jostled through the crowd by the regime's demonic henchmen in ski masks - and even as he was hoisted onto the platform that he was to be hanged from - he wore a triumphant, almost joyful smile on his face. If there were ever an image that qualified for "Is there something wrong with this picture?" it would be this one" the rest:






Thank you

by Anonymous_1 (not verified) on

Thank you, you took the words out of my mouth. Obviously, I must have missed the daily flogging in France or Canada.



by Shomali (not verified) on

The picture below is not Iran. The people clothing and looks, plus the red hat on the military personnel guy. I agree, this could be anywhere in the middle east, but I am sure it's not Iran.



by Anonymous-irany (not verified) on

I'm waiting for your comment on this important issue. I like to know your opinion about the savage behaviour of your Arab brothers that you always defend them. Come on girl show some respect and deferentila regard for your real brothers and sisters in Iran, but only if you think you are Iranian!


What will this nation respond to?

by Mehrban on

"I do not know why, but our nation responds to force more than anything else."

Our nation knows that if stands in line he will be the last one and maybe will never get the bread because when the rulers cronies come they don't stand in line.  Our nation is sick and tired of lies by the Islamic Republic and the Shahis alike that are the two sides of the same greedy coin and are just interested in filing their pockets and making the body of this nation their realm of power.  

We would respond to truth and justice for all which no one has ever tried! 

Ali P.

To: abardard

by Ali P. on

On daily bases people are flogged in public,  all over the world???

Damn, I must have missed it. I am always missing all the excitment!

 You mean they have public flogging in Switzerland? In Sweden? In Denmark? And who orders them? A Swiss judge?

Is there a video of it anywhere?

A picture?

 One single eye witness?

Would you kindly let us know when the next public flogging in the US, or anywhere in the Western hemesphere is, so I can  tune in?


Cool Down Guys

by Anonymous-Yekta (not verified) on

That is normal for a country that was attacked and occupied by Arabs, Turks and Mongols. They did not leave our country and still ruining our culture and land. As you see they are still there.


failure of a culture

by Arash Kamangir (not verified) on

The photoes simply show a culture that has been rotten and driven by a failed religeon called Islam.


Are you sure?

by Abardard (not verified) on

This could be some photoshoping. This is impossible. This could be done anywhere in the world. On daily bases people are flogged in public all over the world. Haven't you seen photos of Hiroshima?


Incredible progress 1908-2008

by Luciferous (not verified) on

##The pictures are not comparable. since the offences are not given and one can not assume they were of the same kind and of the same weight. In result is the message only a virtual story = N0 progress in sence of strengthened penalty.
##On tortue, rape and murder of Ms. Zahra Kazemi.
Turture may be, murder - aczually Death punishment - possible. these two up to opponion of a court. But rape? Impossible. since it is vorbidden in Islam and will be punished by death penalty. In result is the message about Ms. Z.K. only a virtual story.


How do we transition?

by Anonymous #2 (not verified) on

I do not know why, but our nation responds to force more than anything else. After 16 years I went back to Iran and what wondered me was that there were laws for everything and almost in all instances no one followed them. It starts from a simple daily lineup for bread to lines for copy center to traffic, …
It just seems that we are so use to have someone with a sword above us that anytime we can deviate from doing the right thing we would do! Unfortunately there will be a long transition from this society to a civil society. In no way, shape or from IRI is moving in the direction to move toward the civil society and if anything they are moving the society backward, back to the days that they throw a Russian diplomat into boiling water and killed him (and have to give” darya e nor? “ to them so they would not invade Iran. I think at some point we will face a situation of how to transition this society to a civil one. As a part of that I see education and enforcement. Enforcement should be in a way that society would understand it. They flog in Singapore, too!
In summary, society need rule of law and enforcement of it, but it should be a part of a overall system that moves people to mutual respect and understanding of each other. No for showing up hair, or having long hair!


Seriously! Videos on Flogging in Iran

by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

Are you saying since "its everywhere" its ok and nobody should complain about it?
OF COURSE NOT. THERE IS A DIFFERENCE. THE MAN IN LONDON WAS NOT GUILTY, HE WAS A USUAL harmless PASSENGER AND DID NOT TAKEN PART IN THE DEMONSTRATION AGAINST 20g - CONFERENCE. ON the other hand, if and only if the picture is taken in the Islamic Republi of Iran, the man has been found GUILTY for something by a court. That is the difference. I think I have got it. And you? as a reader per chance?
However the report comes to appropriate time. Iranians have their Festivities on occasion of Nuc-IRAN-SCEINCES which started 2006, the day of yellow cake. In addition a new nuc-combat has started its work in Isfahan. AND: Who dares to say a word about the murderers and killers of London? Who dares to report about the servants of his Bosses? and which site would ever bring a word against its sponsorers, hier the CNN? So reporting about turtuer in Iran happens only on purpose to deviate the thoughts from these successes which the honorable Iranian nation has achieved. Thanks the Islamic revolution 1978/79 which was performed by sacrificing of blood and lives.
Dear Friends, the party is over. The islamic System in Iran finds today world-wide sympathy and trust. The world, specially the western world, needs the Islamic Iran. Look at the behavioures of the great satan and the europians. DO YOU SEE THE SILK HANDKERCHIEVES in their hands? Do you? I mean the bosses have confessed this fact allready. Soon will have the reporters of likewise messages as TURTURE in IRAN to search for new bosses or write reports of second kind. Why not beginn by time? Get your chance. Go ahead. You will see you will not have to regret it. Greeting


In Most cases---READ CAREFULLY

by XerXes (not verified) on

These guys have done horrible things, such as molesting kids. This is how the society deals with this in order not to happen again. And frankly is working and the numbers show it.
You tend to forget that some people are not human. They have done damage to society, families or ruined a child's life forever. Every society has rules to deal with crime. We believe that the harsh treatments makes many think twice before committing such horrible crimes.

Dariosh, Are you even Iranian? It's Dariush not osh.


Islamic law = Tavahosh

by Anonymous-irany (not verified) on

ایا این حق هر ایرانی هست که به محمد و ال وحشی او لعنت بفرستد که ما را با زور شمشیر اینطور به ایین وحشی خود الوده کرده اند؟ ایا ایران همان کشور بوجود اورنده حقوق بشر نیست؟ در کشورهای غربی که هنوز عرب زده و ترک زده نشده اند زدن و اذیت حیوانات جرم و جنایت محسوب میشود و متخلفین با جریمه و زندان مجازات می شوند ولی در میهن اسلام زده ما زدن و شکنجه انسانها به امری عادی و حتی لذت بخش تبدیل شده بطوری که مردم شریف کشورمان یک پاکت تخمه می خرند و دستجمعی به تماشای راز بقا که به صورت زنده در خیابانهای کشورمان به اجرا گذاشته می شود میروند. به ان هموطنهای حامی اسلام که حتی یکبار هم در طول عمرشان قران را نخوانده اند توصیه می کنم نظری به این کتاب که مانیفست جنایت میباشد بیندازند و خودشان را متقاعد کنند که ریشه این همه جنایتهای ضد بشری در کجا نهفته است.


Le jour viendra...

by Quebeqi on

Bonjour Monsieur Le Pape!

Vous avez raison, le jour viendra où la tyrannie du khomeinisme en Iran, ses impostures ainsi que son influence toxique chez les universitaires occidentaux (québéqi) prendront fin. Le jour viendra lorsque Mortazavi sera livré, pieds et poings liés à la Haye pour répondre du meurtre d'une compatriote canadienne, la regrettée Mme Kazemi. Le jour viendra où mes amis et mes professeurs iraniens n'auront plus peur. Si les Québécois, peuple né à l'écart de l'Histoire, ont pu se défaire de l'influence quasi-absolue de ses religieux il y a près de 50 ans, les Iraniens, héritiers d'une histoire plusieures fois millénaire, y arriveront aussi. Déjà le Porte-Parole a déclaré à Paris en février dernier que la masse critique est presque atteinte et que que ce n'est plus qu'une question de temps pour que le jour, enfin, viendra...'s right now!

Vive la Révolution de Velours!


Level of sophistication

by Unbiased (not verified) on

What even makes this more intresting is the fact that they had more sophizticated tools for restraining the victim than just holding his legs and arms.



by Unbiased (not verified) on

So lets say you are right and torture is happening everywhere.How does this make it right? Are you saying since "its everywhere" its ok and nobody should complain about it?



by Anonymous_1 (not verified) on

We are all entitled to our opinions. One question though, where else does public hanging, stoning, beating happen while people gather and take movies with their cells?



by ThePope on

Watch 'till the END...


putting two torture pictures side by side is meaningless

by Anonymous9999999999 (not verified) on

grow up! this happens every where. yes every where. atleast in Iran it's in front of people's eyes. why don't you put a picture of Hiroshima pictures as the third picture, that makes it even more meaningful, or meaningless!


I don't know what is worse,

by Anonymous_1 (not verified) on

I don't know what is worse, the person doing the beating or the fact that in both pictures people are standing and watching this. This happens more often than we think. People stand and watch as others are suffering. My heart goes out to everyone suffering in Iran. When will the torture, the pain, the suffering, the lack of freedom end?


Great Post

by Dariosh on


A picture is worth a thousand words. All the IR apologists
please take a look at these pictures next time before defending IR. No one with
an ounce of conscience can defend IR after viewing these photos. As appalling and
gruesome as these pictures are we need to show them to the public to see the
savagery of the Islamic Regime.

My heart goes to the innocent people like Zahra Kazemi, her
family, and thousands others who have suffered and continue to suffer under the
brutal Islamic Regime.

Keep up the good work. Truth shall prevail.

Masoud Kazemzadeh

On tortue, rape and murder of Ms. Zahra Kazemi

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

on the torture, rape and murder of Zahra Kazemi.