Incredible progress 1908-2008

04/08/2009 - 23:10


The coward, lying, islamist

by Korosh (not verified) on

The coward, lying, islamist apologists use the following tactics to distract the public from the atrocities that takes place in Iran. Keep in mind that lying and other forms of dishonesty is an acceptable practice by islamists.

1-Denial: They first tactic is to deny that this has happened in ir even if you have videos or pictures to support the accusations. ie public beatings, stoning...

2-Justification: They try to justify ir criminal activities by siting fictional or half-true accusations of atrocities in other countries.

3-Distraction: Whenever there is irrefutable evidence against them they try to distract or move away from the topic at hand by trying to change the focus of discussion.

Let us dream and work towards a new Iran where all our citizens are treated with respect and human rights.



by Anonymous15 (not verified) on

You've got it sooo right. In this country when people drink or women show some hair they get waterboarded; whoever is having some fun is waterboarded. LOL!


We left Iran because

by Capricorn (not verified) on

We left Iran because we got bored with flogging and wanted to try water boarding *LOL*


در ایالتی که من

me mehran (not verified)

در ایالتی که من در آن زندگی میکنم اگر شما حیوان اهلی (pet) که در خانه دارید را در ملا عام بزنید مجرم محسوب میشوید و کارتان به زندان و پرداخت جریمه بسیار سنگین منتهی میشود. حالا به ژست آن سردار اسلام نگاه کنید که با چه ضربی شلاقش را پائین میاورد و بقیه سرداران اسلام هم فکر میکنند که الله مدینه بعد از انجام این حکم شرع دفترش را باز میکند و برای هر کدامشان یک نمره ۲۰ میگذرد و برایشان کارت صد آفرین هم میفرستد.
چه نتیجه ای‌ واقعا از این قوانین اسلامی میگیریم؛
۱. مردم روتون رو کم کنین و گرنه به این روز می فتید.
۲. ما با کسی شوخی نداریم. اگر به فکر این هستی‌ که بگی بالای چشم "آقایان فقیه" ابرو است، از این بد تر خواهید دید. در اینجا همیشه از آقای علی‌ ابن ابی طالب ذکر ماخذ میکنند که در یک روز سر ۸۰۰ نفر یهودی رو برید.
۳. شما مردم بلا نسبت مانند حیوانات هستید و ما سرداران اسلام با شما‌ها با همان وجه رفتار خواهیم کرد.
اما سوالاتی که سرداران اسلام باید جواب بگویند:
۱. بعد از ۱۴۰۰ سال مدنیت و اسلام اسلام کردن هنوز باید با "انسان" مثل حیوان رفتار کرد؟ پس فایده این دین حنیف کجا بوده؟
۲. بقول معروف "این همه چریدی کو دنبه ‌ات؟" این همه تعزیر، قصاص، و حد زدن و هزار زهر مارر دیگر که از لای لنگ این اخوند و اون مرجع تقلید و غیره و غیره در اوردید و در ۳۰ سال گذشته برای امت اسلام پیاده کرده اید چرا نه تنها از درصد جرایم کم نکرده بلکه نتیجه معکوس داده و ضریب آنرا بالا تر هم برده؟
۳. آیا وقتش رو داشتید که بروید "ریشه یابی این جرایم رو بکنید" زیاد لازم نیست که روانکاوی کنید. بخطر عدم مسولیت سرداران اسلام ، نبودن مدیریت و درایت و از همه بالاتر به خاطر فقر آزادی که الحمدلله در هم جای اون مملکت محروسه اسلامی دید ه میشود، امت اسلامی به تنگ آماده و شروع با قانون شکنی کرده است.
۴. این سرداران اسلام عقده‌های شخصی و فامیلیشان را به این ترتیب جواب میگویند. من با خیلی از این اسلامیون حشرو و نشر داشتم (در زمانی که در کشور بقی ‌ات الله بودم). اینها (ولایت فقیه ها) جماعت جالبی هستند. بیشتر خشونت برادران از کمبود‌های جنسی است یعنی نه توانسته ا‌ند با جنس مخالف نزدیکی های طبیعی را داشته باشند لذا تمام وجودش پر است از "عقده نسبت به زنها و دوشیزه گان". این را لابد از پیغمبر اکرمشان به ارث برده ا‌ند که ماشا الله بیضه مقدس داشت و تا لب مرگ شهوتش را سیراب میکرد.
بکشید، بزنید، روی حقیقت عبا و عمامه بیندازید، منکر زیبئای شوید، علم را زأئد و مخالف دین بدانید، اما قبرتان را هم دارید ژرف تر می کنید. این بار برای همیشه ایرانمان را از شر شما اهریمنان پاک خواهیم کرد.


Its a different Ideology

by Alborzi (not verified) on

The punishments in Islam is based on deterrence. The punishments are public and are made worse to deter such behvior. I do believe IRI, because of internal competition, at times exceeds the rules and they try to prove their loyalty by appearing tougher than what is prescribed.


to be kind to another human being, despite what she or he has co

by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

to be kind to another human being, despite what she or he has committed.
yes sure that is just what they have to do. put the criminals in jails with services comparable in range with those of the first class hotels with daily sport und entertainment programm offer them the possibility to read any newspaper they wish - specially some like those in western countries - and watch any TV programm they desire, of course sat.-programms. aftre a while they will then have learned additional criminal tricks and come out of jail just to continue with their criminal actions. But this time with more experiences and intensified theoretical criminal knowledge. so they can not be catched by police so soon. with other words they are cured. the society must pay for the kind of education why not? BAYTOLMAL is so rich why not pay to educate the criminals instead curing them as they do in pic two? better make an end to nuc-sciences and spend the money for education. also UO BA MA will be pleased iran will not be isolated from internation assembly, those 5 and a half countries in which poeple get killed on open streets by police each day why not? Greeting


Let's all agree

by Abarmard on

That this is awful and stand against it, no matter where and no matter what.


Incredible progress 1908-2008

by Luciferous (not verified) on

We need to stop this madness?
بیخ گوش کرشان دادبزن نشنیدند اگرسیلیه ازاد بزن
نه وکیلم نه وزیرم نه رییسالوزراحقش اینستکه ضایع نکنی وقت مرا
کناره گودایستادن وگفتن لنگش کن


ما را با زور شمشیر اینطور به ایین

Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified)

with the power of sword? does not fit to the glorious Islamic revolution in Iran 1978/9. after the satans had to run away iranians meant Blood had conquered over sword. now I read hier the opposit. can it be so? Greeting


Why you guys left Iran?

by lucifercus (not verified) on

By now you should have bought your homes and apartments in Iran by the welfare money you have collected so far, please go back.
** Again I must say: MISSION IMPOSSIOBLE. Since:
It is true that she/he who has had once iranian identity papers can get them again and again back from the officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The same is with the welfare recievers. BUT: She/he who lives in Iran must behave compatible with certain rules. This individual HAS to attend fryday worship, must respect the dress-code and so on. so posessing a flat in Iran may solve only the lesser part of the problems which one - in case going back to Iran, country of flowers and nighingles - will be confronted with after having been living in a western country.
##The second point is: The pic-comparing does not critisize the situation in the Islamic Republic of Iran only. It defames the Islam as religion. So I think discussing the subject - if "it" is in Iran or not - does not fit to subject of the pic. However in the digital age nothing is easier than to distort and falsy a pic inorder it looks informative about the place of the happening. I for myself mean the pic is prepared since i have found my own indications.
##You people never get it: this is the third point.Comparing the pics says not even one word about the fact behind. i have got to know the truth about the pic from the year 2008. A freind of mein who had been on place has phoned it to me. And hier is the story:
Clearly stand two - let us name them simply the punishers - punishers. one is active the other takes arest. The presence of two punishers is unnegligible. as soon as the first one gets tired the second one must get in action. in order the delinquet does not get a possibility to relax, to get neww energy and so on. Well in actual case as the momentarily active punisher begann he should have said: بسمهیتعالاthe delinquent shopuld have showted laud and protested: What do you mean بیستاتاهالا i have got 29 strikes allredy and not only 20. up to this point was the voice transfer o.k. But sudenly I hears a pistol shut and no voice any more. I cut the phon cable then. I wish my phon number secret.
##Why you guys left Iran? may be because we were against this and against that. But since a brave man/woman does never take her/his rear end in war against logic, truth and justice which had the effect of cow-horn on us, so we have taken our mentioned part with us. in the diaspora. hier we live safe and without any social rights and in full بیابرویی. without having any respossibility "they" make us responsible for their own misery. Thanks heaven - just imagine i say thanks heaven - we have our "IRNIAN". in this site we can get rid of our frustration and forgett all about our کمبودها on the score of ideals and material. Thats it.


Politics, Lies and altered shots!

by Ye Irani (not verified) on

The last accusations of perverted loosers.........!!!!!!!!


Why you guys left Iran?

by Abardard (not verified) on

I can't believe this; there are people who keep apologizing for this and there are people who keep denying this is Iran. By now you should have bought your homes and apartments in Iran by the welfare money you have collected so far, please go back.

Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez

How awful........

by Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez on

when will it end?


Re: There are many LAATs who deserve much more punishmnet.

by Anonymous hashem (not verified) on

No they cannot be LAATs for sure since all the LAATs, or the LAATest of the LAATs and most criminal of all criminals, are in charge of iran, heading various leadership positions, pasdaaran, and ayatollahs.



امیر کبیر در باغ فین (not verified)

تا زمانی که انگلستان زمام امور را در مملکتتان بدست دارد همین آش است و همین کاسه، دیگر چه انتظاری دارید؟


Aren't these guys bunch of thieves and druggies who are no good?

by gol-dust on

As much as the photo looks very disturbing, but it doesn't say why he was beatten! There are many LAATs who deserve much more punishmnet. They destroy neighborhoods! So you suggest they should be loose on the streets?

I'd rather have this than losing my freedom on the street and having my house burglarized! Or you prefer to fill out the jails and tax payers pay for it as it is here!

Actually, we progressed in the last century. We now hit the back which is much worse than the feet! Now that's progress, going up the leg! Well give us time we can do better, by going all the way to the face by the end of the 21 century! We really are going back, aren't we?


I agree with Ahmadzadeh

by Khomar (not verified) on

This is definitely not Iran.
Remember that countries that are good in hiding "bad things" are Western, and idiots who openly do it live in the East. But no one here come and tell me that this is horrible without considering the prison system in US, crimes and punishments. Just because it's not released doesn't mean it doesn't happen.

If this is done just because I am with you, but I would like to know the crime of this individual before I get all excited.
Anyways happens in Iran or not, this one is not Iran. The mannerism of the people standing is different than Iranians.

This is absolutely horrible, and it should be condemned. But first, its not in Iran and second, I wish you were as passionate about the crimes of many countries. Just because it's not printed here doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
US is the biggest supporter of Saudi and Pakistani government. They actually brought them in power, and don't tell me that it doesn't happen there or the US hands are clean in this.


some people need a slap in the face to come to reality

by MKII (not verified) on

Anyone who argues that this is not Iran is simply an idiot. I mean, come on. You may fool some people who don't know much about Iran, but you cannot fool yourself so stop. Look at the police officers in the background-clearly Iranian uniforms, the soldier holding his legs-also Iranian uniform and I saw red hats on soldier when I went to Iran. And they do this to more than just "rapists". In fact, rapists get off pretty easily in Iran. Remember 3 summers ago when they were after "arazele o'bash"? Not rapists, these were students/youth who either dressed too western, spoke against the government or somehow rubbed the wrong guy the worng way and they did this to them and they pulled their hair, set it on fire, beat them, hung "aftabehs" from their necks-these photos can be found in the newspapers that the IRI publishes themselves so no denying it. We need to stop this madness and it starts with ourselves and admitting that these things happen in Iran. Its sickening, wrong and violates every human rights document Iran has signed not to mention that it is offensive that we allow a bunch of sick, twisted kesafats do this to our fellow Iranians and all we can say it "this is not Iran, it's Israeli propaganda". Ma hastim.


Apparently some IRI military personnel DO wear red berets

by BK (not verified) on

Source: see the 17th photo in this link:


The image with IRI red berets:


So, are some people still wondering if this is Iran?


Praise Islam...

by Anonymous open eyes (not verified) on

Commenter said:

These guys have done horrible things, such as molesting kids.

So they did what the Prophet of Islam did to his 6-year-old lover Aisha, didn't he?

Were you there? Or are you just lie for the sake of Allah to continue his enslavement of iranian people? If you have evidence, present it!



Lanat bar islam va islamists who changed iran from a first-world country to a failing third-world disaster.



by Anonymous-irany (not verified) on

It does not matter whether it happend in Iran or somewhere else. It is an Islamic method of punishment and Iran is forced to be an Islamic country. Shame on us to let it happen every single day in Iran. Kick the Arab religion out of Iran and give an end to all miseris.

anonymous fish


by anonymous fish on

what a disgusting thing to say.  no wonder people think the things they think when they read/hear things like this totally UNPROVOKED.  your sick mind is the only thing making an association with israel.  i sit and read the pathetic excuses and just shake my head. 



by Tammy (not verified) on

Thank you Ahmadzadeh for bringing this up.

Please someone confirm.

Do iranian revolutionary guards, or police wear orange beret? Does anyone in ghazvin wear an orange beret as a sign of high fashion? where is this picture from? BB, do let us know.

I am not fighting the fact that this does happen - unfortunately- in Iran. But is this really from Iran.


don't care

by hamidbak on


We...I...don't care where it happens.  It is happening in Iran and we don't like it. 

This is the land that is to be the cradle of civilization.  We have been doing it for thousands of years.  It is time to be kind to another human being, despite what she or he has committed.  

Just because it happend in front of the Macy's, doesn't mean it should happen in Iran.  

In 2009, we ought not to beat a man with a stick.  We don't even want to see it done to donkies.  


You people never get it, this happens all over the world

by Abardard (not verified) on

While shopping for my Lancome mascara, I saw a guy getting flogged all koon berahneh in front of Macys. You people don't understand, these things happen on daily bases, flogging, stoning, body parts mutilation. I see it a lot in our shopping malls.

If these things happen in Iran, so what? Think of all the atrocities commited by West. If you think about it this is all the super powers fault. They want our OIL, damn it! British empire just added all these shariat laws in Qoran and now mullahs are using it. Damn you British, damn you!


Not in Iran?

by BK (not verified) on

Well, maybe, but according this these websites this flogging took place in Qazvin.

An extract from the report:

".....His face covered by a balaclava, an official brandishing a cane repeatedly lashes the back of a man found guilty of breaking Iran's morality laws.

Two police officers hold the legs of 25-year-old Saeed Ghanbari and another his arms to ensure there is no escape from the punishment of 80 lashes handed down by a religious court.

Traffic was brought to a halt in Qazvin, 90 miles west of the capital Tehran, as more than 1,000 men gathered behind barricades to watch the public flogging....".


This website talks about children watching the flogging. Again, I guess it's quite possible that this claim might not be accurate.



Planet of the Apes

by Born in Tehran (not verified) on


Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan are currently the equivalent of the Planet of the Apes.

I am not recist; its just a fact.

They are run by apes, period.

We need to tell Iraq/Afghans we are leaving; if one terrorst act occurs on USA soil we will drop a Hiroshima bomb, end of story.

I plane, 1 pilot, 1 bomb will do the job.

I was born in Iran; this region understands barbaric force, nothing else.

Now, one thing is for sure...the clerics will hanging upside down someday, just like the Shahs Generals

Just as absurd as it was to say in 1979 that the Prime Minister would be castrated and have is penis stuffed down this throat...the same will happen to this regime and Kamenei's one-incher.

I will fly a 747 worth of Iranians free back in redsuits to dance on their graves....



by Ahmadzadeh (not verified) on

You can easily tell by the looks and style of people. This is not Iran. BB (Bibi? Netanyahoo) explain your lie here. Explain yourself. I am really pissed at Israelis trying to put a bad image of Iran.


Depends on the crime

by Capricorn (not verified) on

Getting whipped sucks, but if he did something really bad like molested a little kid then he deserves this.

I know Iran is backwards, but I don't think they do public whipping for stupid crap like parking tickets. This dude might be rapist.


Are you a fool, are you taking me as a fool?

by Anonymous #2 (not verified) on

There are a few people arguing that this is not Iran! You are telling me that this does not happen in Iran? Are you a fool, are you taking me as a fool or you just putting you head in sand! Everyone knows that this happens in Iran. IRI say it publicly so why argue the mute point!
I like mehraban’s point of view. But where do you start. When I was in Iran, I tried to do the right thing for the first 3 days, but after that I was one of the same as everyone else. Even thought I did not want to do the business as usual. We need the rule of law and education (not classics education but culture of understanding and respect of fellow a fellow man kind) till we become a law obeying citizen such as Sewed or French we need a way to enforce law. Remember caret comes with a stick!