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Love child of Peter Sellers and Andy Kaufman
"Borat" the genius
November 16, 2006

Ins and outs
Christmas shopping
December 20, 2004

Who needs kissing?
Bollywood eveloves from tradition to trash
December 17, 2004

Santa at the border
With your long beard and your strange brightly-colored costume, you practically have 'Fanatical Muslim' tattooed on your forehead!
December 24, 2003

The good lie
It's up to you whether Santa really exists
December 22, 2003

Holding out and letting go
After 26 years, I stepped into Vegas as a single girl and came out a new bride
September 12, 2003

Parvandeh maa chi shod?
I love being a lawyer and helping Iranians, no matter how annoying. But...
August 24, 2003

Pomegranates and black tea, that's me
But many have become ethnic impostors where being Iranian is synonymous with being a terrorist
June 28, 2003

Extra-terrestrial cravings
When I was small, Persian food used to scare me
May 21, 2003

Homeland insecurity
Today's Middle-Eastern Americans and yeterday's Japanese Americans
April 23, 2003

Save it, Jesus!
The only "cult" I belong to is atheism
April 10, 2003

17, plus tax
It's my birthday
March 28, 2003

Takhteh is more than a game for me
March 5, 2003

Cheghadr chaagh shodi!
Most ancient put-down of Iranian ladies
February 4, 2003

Branded in memory
To embrace or completely dismiss modern Iranian films as a whole shows a lack of critical thinking
December 18, 2002

Thanksgiving on Ramadan
Time to go on a "regime"
November 27, 2002

I love to be scared
Holiday movie guide
October 31, 2002

It's real ruff out there
Campaign to save Iranian dogs from persecution
October 16, 2002

Little red
I liked the feeling against my skin, a little cool, a little rough
May 24, 2002

Iran-U.S. reality TV deal
April 15, 2002

Who wants to marry a...?
April Fools
April 1, 2002

Little lamb in fessenjoon
Why my father became a vegetarian
March 25, 2002

Beethoven's lost symphony
The neighbor's son was a violinist. And I loved him.
March 4, 2002

Boys to men
From innocence to...
February 26, 2002

An evening at the Cabaret-Irooni
January 18, 2002

The crown jewel
... of Iranian movies
January 15, 2002

Club X Agreement
Regulations for eye-ranian entertainment and youth centers
December 20, 2001

Java Javad's
They were all there for one reason only
December 14, 2001

Helping hand
Raising funds for needy children
November 27, 2001

The squirt
Short story
November 7, 2001

Agha Deracula
October 31, 2001

The last mission
Short story
October 16, 2001

The noble camel
Favorite way to put down the perceived enemy
September 24, 2001

Abbas Agha's dancing lesson
He could dance better than any woman
September 6, 2001

Real irooni woman
August 23, 2001

King of damboli dambol
Shahram Shabpareh
August 16, 2001

A & K
My infatuation with Andy & Kouros
August 9, 2001

Super agent
CIA should recruit Iranian women
July 19, 2001

Abroo kamoon
Battle of the eyebrow
July 9, 2001

God's way of preventing Iranian women from ruling the earth
June 29, 2001

Bigger is better
A pair of perfect bouncy hips
June 21, 2001


Niki Tehranchi holds an undergraduate degree from the School of Life and currently occupies a top-level position in the hearts of her loved ones. In her spare time, she likes to split the atom.

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