Women, freeedom, marriage & sex

08/20/2007 - 04:36


Hajiagha do you have a mailing address for cash donations?

by Anonymouse on

Haji some of us want to send you cash (eskenas) in mail.  We can put it in envelopes and send it to you.  But we need a mailing address.  Do you have a PO box in a post office or a mailing address?  This will be donations for your free work that you've done so far and we have benefited.


Marriage Irani

by javed (not verified) on

Hi i just want to marry an iranian shia girl. Would u please tell me how it is possible? MY email id is


He need a Psychologist

by nsh on

At first i was very upset and angry of his cartoons. But now , i just feel sorry for him.. He`s sick.


Thank you guy's

by cartoonist on

you right Mr, faramarz my problems was in Iran I try to get married but I did not have money or any one support me after I land in Canada I saw every where gay or lesbian, or women are here in Canada smoking and drinking so wild looks to me no one here to like get married and have child and family, what kind society is Canada? are this stupid kind of the freedom and life we are wishes for Iranian? to every one be came lonely and play with toy's , supporting me to meet female have fun and sex and start my family to became happy and draw nice cartoons for you are,


He is competing with skunks...

by Sophie on

Skunk spray is not only incredibly stinky, it's also notoriously difficult to get rid of!!!



Hajiagha's problem

by Faramarz_Fateh on

I agree....we need to find one of these loose Iranian women in Canada to give some to Hajiagha.....this poor brother needs some TLC


you need to see either a hooker or Psychologist or both!

by mrclass on

You simply are obssesed with this kind of shit which leads me to believe either A) you need to get ladi, which thankfully in Canada prostituion is leagal. B) you need to see a Psychologist and have some theraphy to cure you from your ills!