Affleck says continued Iran tensions make 'Argo' topical
GMA Network via Reuters
Given current diplomatic tensions over Iran, Ben Affleck says his new spy thriller "Argo" couldn't be more topical, even though it is set more than 30 years ago.   The film, which Affleck both directs and stars in, is based on the CIA's role in smuggling six American diplomats out of Iran in 1979 under the unlikely guise of a fake movie production.   It premiered on Friday at the Toronto film festival to thunderous applause and standing ovations and is already being hailed as a major Oscar contender.   Filmed in the grainy style of the 1970s, the movie depicts how the diplomats escaped the storming of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran at the height of Iran's Islamic revolution by taking refuge at the home of the Canadian ambassador. >>>
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