Sanctions Will Kill Tens of Thousands of Iranians
Antiwar / Muhammad Sahimi
09-Aug-2012 (33 comments)

An area that has been particularly hit hard is the pharmaceutical sector. Although Iran produces a large part of the medications and drugs that its population needs, based on the generic versions of brand-name pharmaceuticals, it is unable to produce the most advanced drugs that have come to the market over the past 10–15 years that deal with a variety of illnesses and medical problems, simply because their generic versions are not yet available. As a result, Iran must still import a significant amount of drugs every year to deal with illnesses such as leukemia and AIDS. But the sanctions that the United States and its allies have imposed on Iran’s banks and other financial institutions have made importing necessary drugs and medical instruments almost impossible. At the same time, as Iran’s oil exports continue to decrease because of the sanctions, the financial resources of the nation become increasingly strained, making it more difficult to pay for expensive drugs, even if a way can be found to import them. As a result, the shortage of drugs will soon become a catastrophe if not addressed. I have been able to personally verify the shortage, as two of my brothers-in-law are pharmacists and run large pharmacies in Iran. They have confirmed to me that the crisis is reaching dangerous levels.

Mohammad Alireza

Being in favor of sanctions means bloody hands

by Mohammad Alireza on

Sitting in the comfort of your home in America and having access to 24 hour drugstores and being in favor of sanctions on Iran is no different to having your finger on the trigger when a murder is committed.


Mohammad Alireza

Back up your accusation

by Mohammad Alireza on

Or shut up.

Everybody on this site knows you are constantly pushing for crippling sanctions. So now you have what you wished for and soon you can start trying to wash that blood off your hands.


Funny advocacy

by Fred on

advocates for weaponized nuke caring about Iran and Iranians, that is funny.