American Foreign Policy Must Take Into Account Dueling Irans
Forbes Magazine / Rob Sobhani, Ph.D.
03-Jul-2012 (one comment)

U.S. policy, must focus on how to support the “real Iran” in its struggle to win freedom and dignity. Military strikes will not be helpful in this regard. What is needed is a “real Iran” policy agenda, one that takes into account the aspirations and needs of ordinary Iranians.


The choice on Iran !

by Reza ATABAKI on

After 58 years, I recently left my homeland with the hope to start a new life.  In my age it was not easy and I am not proud of my decision, but like many millions in Iran I was left with no choice.

  This article is quite factual and fundamentally correct in asserting that there are two Irans. One the ruling mollahs and the other the 73 million people.

The last presidential election made clear to all (Iranians and the west) that the regime is fundamentally corrupt, an absolute dictatorship which bases its legitimacy on “divine right” and a fraudulent constitution that is inflexible and hopelessly not reformable.

In terms of Israel and the Jews, similar to many nations there are pockets of anti-semitism (both against Jews and their Arab brothers) in Iran which is as old as time.   But Iranians are truly proud of the fact that Jews have lived in our midst for 2-3 thousand years.  We are as tolerant and generous (if not more) than the best societies humanity has to offer, worldwide.

Israel is a different problem, because it is a nation state simply defined by political terms and boundaries. Any hostility towards it is exclusively political and not at all religious with the Iranian masses.

Iranian's greatest resentment is against the billions being spent by the mollahs on the fake ‘Palestinian’ issue, when our own dont have shoes, bread or schools.

“Not Ghazzeh, not Lobnan, I give my life only for Iran!” is the most emotional slogan heard frequently in the land of Sa'adi, Hafez and Ferdowsi.

Please do what is right. Make sure the west does not cut a deal with the ruling mollahs of Iran!  There turn will come sooner or later.