"American Enterprise Institute takes lead in agitating against Iran"
ZCommunications / Bill Berkowitz
24-May-2012 (one comment)

"A section of AEI's website entitled "The Iranian Threat" lists a treasure trove of several hundred published articles on Iran, including more than 50 last year alone. ... Long before the Bush Administration began escalating its rhetoric and upping the ante about the supposed "threat" posed to the US by Iran, well-paid inside-the-beltway think tankers were agitating for some kind of action against that country. Some have argued for ratcheting up sanctions and freezing bank accounts, others have advocated increasing financial aid to opposition groups, and still others have argued that a military strike at Iran's nuclear facilities is absolutely essential. For all, the desired end result is regime change in Iran."



AEI Exhibits Policy Favoring Action Against Iran

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The American Enterprise Institute also has had a presence on Iranian.com.