Who Speaks for Iranian-Americans?
Aljazeera / MJ Rosenberg

 The heart of the two neo-cons' argument is that NIAC distorts the Iranian-American community's view by arguing (using NIAC's own words) that, although they "deeply resent the Iranian regime, [Iranian-Americans] prefer US policies that emphasise engagement and de-escalation". Here are some of the other poll findings, confirming that NIAC does indeed represent Iran-American views: * Only 3 per cent favour military action against Iran.
* 44 per cent consider US sanctions to be "burdensome" to their families in Iran.
Most significant of all is this:A majority (56 per cent) of Iranian Americans now disapprove of President Obama's handling of relations with Iran, while thirty-two percent (32 per cent) approve of how the President addresses this issue. These numbers have flipped since 2009 when a majority of Iranian Americans viewed President Obama's handling of relations with Iran favourably. 

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