Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson on the Middle East, Proliferation, and Why Israel Couldn’t Take Out Iran’s Nuclear Program Even if It
Vanity Fair / Nancy Shoenberger

 The truth is—and my Air Force colleagues have given me some of this—the Israelis could not take out Iran’s facilities now. The Israelis could not mount, without going to desperate ends, a 100-plane strike, which is going to be necessary. They can barely get a hundred airplanes out of their fleet. If they go to the end of their operational tether without refueling help from us, I predict that it will be as big a failure or worse than their incursion into Lebanon in July 2006. And I say that for two reasons: 1) they will fail militarily, and 2) regardless of their exquisite public-affairs campaign to portray it otherwise, … Inside the Pentagon, civilian and military, I cannot find a single voice in favor of striking Iran.  

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