A Christian Christmas in Snowy Iran
LewRockwell.com / William Wedin
29-Dec-2011 (7 comments)

Yep. That’s
Iran. Tehran, Iran. The Hub of Human Evil. According to American
hate radio, anyway. Snowy Tehran on a peaceful winter day. Makes
you think of Boulder, don’t it? Surrounded by snow-covered mountains?
Those are the Alborz Mountains. And they are higher
than the Rockies. They are the highest peaks in Asia west of the
Himalayas, in fact – with skiing on the upper slopes all year round.

Shocked? I
certainly was when I first started surfing the web for photos of
Iran. I was shocked by the mountains. Shocked by the snow. Shocked
by the busy ski shops. Shocked by the "cool dudes" throwing
snowballs in their trendy clothes. Shocked by the American-looking
yellow school bus in the upper right photo there. Shocked by something
in every photo I saw.

Dan Huck

Are the PEOPLE of Iran like the PEOPLE of I..com?

by Dan Huck on

A New York psychologist takes on the demon Iranians of American MSM and reports Tehran is an OK place to celebrate Christmas. Are his pictures worth thousands of words or not?



To Rea

by IranFirst on


"But then, how about Baha'is? How about all those Iranians who refuse to submit to VF ?"

I agree, Off course . I mentioned Christian sufferings and killings, since the poster had implied that Christians are having a great time in Iran. ANY OTHER BELIEF OR RELIGION, Atheists, Bahais, Zoroastrians, Jews, ..are disliked by brabaric Islam and IRI.So they may let some Zoroasrians, Jews and Christians practice their faith , but they will prosecute any "Muslim" (by force), who has (or wants to) openly convert out of Islam. This is Islam. Yes maybe the killings are less that Coptic Egyptians, because they are less Christians in Iran, BUT there are many other people who don't want Islam in their lives anymore they want to change (Atheists, Bahais, ...), they are not allowed to do so, and can be killed for it.

The threats of killing the Pastor are by IRI's "judges". I think it is good that it is kept in the news to force IRI to keep this man alive. The same way that the case for the Sakineh Ashtiani (the lady IRI wanted to stone) was kept in the news and it save here life (for now, anyways). EVERY crime of IRI (based or religion, or idialogy) should be publisized, to the world.



by Rea on

I have no doubts about Christians having a hard time in IRI.

But then, how about Baha'is? How about all those Iranians who refuse to submit to VF ?

As much as I refuse the leftists lovers of Ahmadinejad citing +600 churches in Iran as a sign of IRI tolerance, I also refuse those telling me the good pastor is just about to be executed. Neither is a convincing argument. 

It's about 76 mil people, it's not about 100,000 people.

We are not talking Arabs and Copts in Egypt here, are we?  We are talking Iranians.


IRI DOES EXECUTE people for converting out of Isam (to Rea)

by IranFirst on


The pastor has been in jail for several year and every once in while IRI tries to execute him and then backs down in face of Iternational pressure. For somple crime of wanting to get oout of the Imposed Islam. He is still in jail and waiting the next "decesion" and can be exucuted.

Just one example, Here is another Iranain who was executed by IRI for conversion out of Islam to Christianity

"Rev. Hossein Soodmand was executed for apostasy "

Here is another one in jail for 9 years

"Mehdi Dibaj,
a Muslim convert to Christianity, was in prison for nearly 9 years.
During that time, he endured 2 years in solitary confinement and was
subjected to mock executions. He was imprisoned by the Sharia court in
Sari on three charges: that he had "insulted Islam, the prophet Muhammad
and Ayatollah Khomeini" in a letter; that he was acting as a spy for the West; and that he was an apostate"


All this is to scare first and then kill people who want to get out of barbaric Islam, just like what a "good" cult does.



Finally, my question to News Editor

by Rea on

How is the December 2007 article supposed to be news ?

When the boss is away, in Chile, the mice play. ;o)


Let's not exaggerate either way

by Rea on

Neither there are "lot of Christians in Iran" left (100,000 in a country of 76 mil I certainly wouldn't call a lot).

Nor is the good pastor going to be executed, IRI is not that stupid. 

For fun, Yearly Quidditch in Betlehem. ;o)



yes a good place to be EXECUTED for conversion to Christianity..

by IranFirst on


IRI and their imposed Barbaric Arab Islam executes people for trying to get out of the cult of Islam and conver to any other religion or just be atheist


and here, attacking Christmas Celebrations


The problem is not people of Iran or IC, it is Savage Islam (read Quran), that can't compete in logic and substance with any idiology. So it kills to keep people in the cult