‘NATO Wants a Simmering Civil War in Syria – as a Prelude’
RT / Pepe Escobar Is Interviewed

 ­ What exactly the US and NATO countries consider to be “unacceptable” is the real question, believes Asia Times correspondent Pepe Escobar.“Is it that the Syrian government cannot fight an armed insurgency in its own territory?” he ponders. “The Free Syrian Army are getting weapons smuggled from the Middle East to the borders [with Syria] in Turkey and in Jordan as well.”Pepe Escobar says that the Free Syrian Army, which claims to have more than 25,000 members fighting to bring down President Assad, is in fact turning into a huge militia marshalling forces near Syria’s borders with Turkey and Jordan. “This militia now is already involved in a sort of a pre-civil war at both borders with the help of NATO,” Escobar said. “What they want and what NATO wants is a simmering civil war as a prelude for something much tougher ahead, probably after the American elections in one year.”   

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