Syria: What Kind of Revolution?
MrZine / Bilal El-Amine
24-Sep-2011 (one comment)

There are other dirty secrets that the opposition is careful to keep far from the eyes and ears of the Western media for fear of alienating international support.  Among these is arguably one of the most popular figures of the Syrian uprising, someone very few outside of Syria have heard of.  Yet if you look up Shaykh Adnan al-Arour on YouTube, you can hear his name being called out in opposition demonstrations from London to Homs.  Shaykh al-Arour is a former member of the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood who fled to Saudi Arabia in the early 1980s and has become a popular satellite television preacher with a wide following in Syria.  His supporters refer to him as the godfather of the Syrian revolution.Shaykh al-Arour made a name for himself by waging theological polemics with Shia clerics on Saudi religious channels.  One of the stations where he regularly appears, Wesal TV, specializes in anti-Shia propaganda.  They've even launched a Farsi-language channel to berate Iranian Shia in their own tongue.  In one of his more extreme diatribes that can be seen on YouTube, al-Arour instructs his viewers to reserve a special kind of vengeance for Alawites who stood by the regime, saying that we'll slaughter you and feed you to the dogs.  In another short but ominous clip al-Arour is seen being mobbed and kissed by ... >>>

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wow Scary

by Abarmard on

This is very interesting. I have no doubt that US-Saudi links are at work to bring Syria to their side. The downside however, just likes Afghanistan and Pakistan, is creation of more terrorism, uncertainties and will bite the West from behind. Also Fanatics like that would harm Israel more than Iran ever could.

They are thinking that if the Wahhabis are supported the Shia Iran loses power; they can mitigate the risks of fanatics in the long run. The cost that will be destroyed Syria would be nothing comparing to powerful Iran! In their mind. 

Disgusting policies that supports terrorism, wars, and destruction. The story goes on.