Shi'ites stage protests in Saudi oil province
Jerusalem Post / REUTERS
03-Mar-2011 (one comment)

"We want freedom, we want equality," one woman chanted.

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Arabian Desert is the Symbol of Slavery in 21st Century

by zuruz on

I strongly believe Saudi dictator king and his royal family will be the next to be toppled by oppressed, injured, rapped, being the victims of discriminations, poverty and slavery throughout their lives. They are determined to revolt against their monarchy establishment which is long due and seek freedom and democracy. Since the Saudi royal family started promoting Wahabism which is destroying Islam faith likes cancerous lesion. It perished hundreds of thousands of Shias and Christians, Jews and worshippers of other faiths so far.  Wahabism means sharia laws worldwide, Osama & Al-Qaida network & 9/11 tragedy, Taliban and other extremists factions who only learned to kill infidels, nonbelievers and Shias then go to heaven in name of Allah. Wahabism created by Saudi kingdom supported& funded by Saudi kingdom as well. Few days ago Saudi king Abdullah tried to bribe Arabian people with a few thousands of dollars from their own money and I don’t think it is going to work. Revolution will began soon and it is about people dignity, freedoms, democracy and equal opportunity for all citizens. They are tired of decades of dictatorship and slavery and can not handle monarchy anymore enough is enough!

I heard some news regarding Saudi arm forces interfered in Bahrainis uprising and attacked/ killed/injured hundreds of Bahrainis peaceful protesters who demand some fundamental freedoms and be recognized as Bahrainis human beings not slaves or animals. Bloody interference of Saudi forces to save Bahraini dictator king Khalifa who is a relative of Saudi king Abdullah not just stop the protesters, but ignited more protests and developed general strike throughout nation of Bahrain. Today Saudi officials warned the Bahrainis revolutionary people that Saudi regime will support & protect the Bahraini dictator king Khalifa by any means possible and force! That surprises me because Saudi royal family should worry about their own fate first from being toppled soon by their people’s power instead of worrying for king of Bahrain. The corrupt Saudi king and 6000 princes who have been running all the Saudi high offices nationwide as a family run business for decades. They possess zillions of $$$ in their banks accounts around the world plus other investments in expensive lands, famous companies worldwide, mansions, vacation resorts, famous islands, factories, sport leagues, clubs, discos, bars, casinos, gambling palaces, castles, publications, news media, paradises, fancy hotels, organizations and even gay bars regardless of billions regime spend yearly supporting and funding terrorists networks around the world such as Al-Qaida “remember 9/11” and Taliban and more use them as tools to destabilizing other nations and issuing fake Fatwas by Saudi regime appointees Muftis to kill other religious, ethnics groups members and go to heaven for their own political ambitious and personal advantages. Murdering the opposition figures, Saudi dissidents, foreign leaders and opponents quietly and mysteriously goes on. Beheading freedom lovers and those who seek justice or complaint about corruptions are very common. They also promote Sunni Wahabism and Sharia laws around the globe and trying to convert every one worldwide to Sunni Wahabi style of Islam. These blood sucker monsters abuse Arabian treasures OIL& GAS & MECCA profits as inherited only for the royal family. The Bin Saud Kings were never elected by Arabian people, but appointed by United Kingdom colonialism to get free or cheap oil and other recourses. The royal family turned Arabia to their own Business Corporation and personal enterprise. They are keeping millions of Shias and other citizens oppressed, under poverty inside that kingdom. Saudi people never tasted any kind of freedom and democracy in their lifetime.  No free elections, no freedom of expressions, or freedom of religions, no freedom of press, no freedom of demonstration and protest. Anyone with any holy books like Bible, Torah or other religious materials other than Quran be arrested is subject to harsh punishments or even death sentences by swords. The Saudi royal family has established tens of thousands Wahhabi Sunni Mosques worldwide but they never allowed any Churches, Synagogues, Temples, even Shias Mosques are not allowed in most Saudi provinces or other religion worship places be built in Saudi Arabian soil. In contrast they are running tens of thousands Sunni Wahabi Mosques worldwide and enjoying tax breaks in many free nations and receiving charity as well. Abuse of human rights in that kingdom is severely high Women have no rights at all. Slavery in 21th century is big time high in Saudi kingdom most blacks, women and foreigners as well as millions of 3rd class citizens and Shias survive as slaves and servants and their family usually being raped and abused by princes or their family and friends and no laws are there to prevent or protect this majority from such inhumane acts, Shias have no rights even they dominated all the oil regions, but they are disfranchised from any shares of oil, wealth and good living, seems like they live in stone age . No serious condemnation of Saudi dictators and their cruel regime by United Nations, Human Rights Organizations or free world leaders ever so far.  This leaves Arabian people with no other choice but revolts & revolution just like Egyptians and Tunisians against their criminal monarchy regime. Kingdom's fate will be in hands of injured, oppressed, hungry and angry Arabian population. Some Arabians, who peacefully protested recently and asking for some fundamental human freedoms and against injustice, discriminations within Saudi society and corruption by Saudi royal family in several cities were all crushed, without presence of media and hundreds were arrested, injured and locked in prisons. Soon will be more uprising and Arabs are determine to end the several decades of monarchy dictatorship, oppressions, killings, torturing and discriminations by Saudi royal family. For many years Saudi regime have been bribing world leaders and officials using money, gold, diamonds and other kind of expensive gifts as well as nation’s wealth so they have managed to stay in power for so long. The recent waves of tsunami will send these Arabs & Iran’s Mullah dictators and other dictators around the Persian Gulf region, Middle East, Africa and elsewhere to dumpster of history soon once for all, just like Bin Ali, Mubarak and Saddam because no dictator should underestimate & miscalculate the people's power. These dictators should realize their days are over and no longer world powers can save them or overcome their people's power. America should support and remain friendly with the Arabs protesters who seek democracy so they don’t fall in the hands of Islamism extremists like we experienced in 1979 as we sided with our alley ex-Shah of Iran that created a big tragedy for many Iranians who unwillingly fell under dictator regime of Mullahs. As we support the Arab protesters politically, morally, socially or financially towards freedom today we will build a bridge for a better relationship/partnership/friendship with them for the near future with their new democratic governments. Those oppressed Arabs populations mostly would love to construct the most advanced constitution just like American constitution which provides citizens the most comprehensive freedoms in the whole world.