Iran hangs 12 drug traffickers and kidnappers
01-Jan-2011 (one comment)

Iran has executed eight convicted drug smugglers and four kidnappers in the past week, state media reported on Saturday.

The country is frequently criticized by human rights groups for maintaining one of the highest execution rates in the world.

The drug smugglers were executed in the central city of Qom. Mostafa Barzegar Ganji, a judiciary official from the city, told the official Irna news agency 16 other narcotics traffickers were also awaiting hanging there.

"They will soon be hanged if the authorities do not forgive them," he said.

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by yolanda on

IRI marked the new year day with, the executioners work during holiday.......I am not too surprised with the 12 executions....a week ago IRI approved to execute 12 including the Kurdish student, Latifi.....Latifi got spared for the time being due to the media coverage!