Lawyer: Woman facing stoning in Iran has been whipped
CNN / Mitra Mobasherat
07-Sep-2010 (6 comments)

(CNN) -- Contradictory reports swirled around the case of an Iranian woman sentenced to be stoned to death for adultery, with one Iranian lawyer saying Monday that she had been whipped 99 times for another alleged offense but another casting doubt on it.

A woman who was in prison with Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani told lawyer Javid Houtan Kian that his client had been lashed over a newspaper photograph that, Iranian authorities thought, showed her without a headscarf. Iranian law requires all women to cover their hair, regardless of their religion.

The Times of London ran the photo on its front page on August 28, identifying a woman in it as Ashtiani. It later apologized, saying it was not her. On Monday, the newspaper published an editorial calling the lashing an "outrage."

"Ms Ashtiani has been imprisoned in Tabriz for five years," The Times wrote. "The prison authorities know exactly what she looks like and therefore must have known that the photograph printed in The Times on August 28 was not of her."

The newspaper also accused Iranian authorities of punishing her "to make her suffer for an international campaign to save her that that exposed so much iniquity."

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Justice according to the Islamic Rebuplic!

by Reality-Bites on

My thoughts are with Mrs. Ashtiani and her family. I hope the suffering of this poor woman at the hands of these "people" ends soon.



by yolanda on

I am glad that media is reporting every development of this case...I am encouraged by this part:


"Really this is a national case for us and the president said that France must defend Sakineh," Kouchner said.

"I'm making this a personal case and I'm willing to do whatever it takes to save her," he said. "If it means going to Tehran, I will go to Tehran."

Kouchner later said that he is making it a personal case "because I'm a moral person [and] because this is barbaric treatment."


Can IRI treat her own people with some basic human dignity and respect and not to brutalize her own people? Is that really hard not to stone anyone? I thought stoning and whipping another human-being is very is why we rarely hear stoning in the rest part of the world!

    In Malaysia they don't even have the expertise to carry out caning!

Anonymous Observer

It's the height of barbarity

by Anonymous Observer on

She was probably fasting too. 


very sad

by iamfine on

WE are still implementing laws that are centuries old. One must dig into the root of the problem of why women conduct the act of adultery. Stoning will have psychological impact on the society and will not solve the problem.


Gasping with disbelief....

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

As this very high profile and blatent example of human rights abuse in Iran is dragging on. I wonder is it so hard for the leadership of the Islamsit regiem of Iran to see what serious harm this single case is causing to their already tattered reputation on human rights, worldwide?



by Shepesh on