Updated EXCLUSIVE: Iranian regime’s orchestrated attack on Karoubi’s house; Photos & Videos
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17-Mar-2010 (9 comments)

These are photos and videos.  Please click on the link.

Anonymous Observer

Photos and Videos of Attack on Karroubi's House

by Anonymous Observer on

It's funny how the IRI police is standing by while the house is being spray pained and vandalized.  I wonder what our resident military and law and order expert "Sargord Pirouz" has to say about this.  I know he justified IRI's treatment of protesters as a law and order effort.  I wonder what he would say about IRI's silence and acquiescence to these acts of vandalism.  

PS/ I think the woman holding the sign in the third photo is Jaleho. :-))) 



the first to be tried upon victory

by mahmoudg on

Have always said it: him, moussavi, khatami, along with Farsanjani and the rest of the cockroachses are the first that must be brought to trial.  Anyone who helped this Arab infested regime from its inception is guilty and has to be answerable to the Iranian people. this include those who realized the error of their ways and parted ways with the Islamic regime.  Too little and too late.

No Fear

Hamsade ...

by No Fear on

Rafsanjani is just as corrupt (  even more ) than karroubi himself. And for your information, its not Rafsanjani who has become closer to us, its Ayat. khameneie who has got closer to Rafsanjani. Khameneie acts upon consensus and popularity. He also wants a united IR and he tries to be a moderator and a unifying factor.

This does not mean WE will give Rafsanjani a free pass.

No Fear


by No Fear on

Go findout about Shahram Jazayeri. That had nothing to do with campaign and elections were years away.  Start here ;


And here;


Anonymous Observer

Hamsadeh Jan

by Anonymous Observer on

Thanks for the comment.  While I didn't expect any of the usual suspects to respond, I have to say that I also did not expect to be threatened personally by the lunatic who has posted above your comment (and below this one).  It looks like these creatures' propensity for violence extends into cyberspace and goes beyond the captive population in Iran.  I guess once a thug, always a thug.  

hamsade ghadimi

curiously, they did not

by hamsade ghadimi on

curiously, they did not spray paint "death to rafsanjani."  i think that the banners and slogans that were spary painted had to be approved by a government committee before the act.

ao, don't expect the usual suspects to respond.  and thanks for the post.

Anonymous Observer


by Anonymous Observer on

Vandalizing a building and breaking its windows are also acts of "freedom of expression"?  Can I come over and do that to your house then?  If yes, please let me know ASAP and pls. provide your address.  I'll be right over with my cans of spray paint.


Photos in full color

by fussygorilla on

Freedom of Expression.  Anyone against freedom?

Anonymous Observer

So much for IRI "police"

by Anonymous Observer on

Watch minute 2:27 of the first video.  The "police" who are supposedly "guarding" his house disappear in a coordinated move and allow the IRI hoodlums to attack the house.