Iran's most independent politician finally casts his lot with the hard-liners.
Foreign Policy / GENEIVE ABDO
17-Mar-2010 (3 comments)

Iran's most watched man has finally made his move. Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, a former president and the country's most skilled political operator, had been sending mixed signals since the contentious June election, one day appearing sympathetic with the opposition and the next declaring his loyalty to the regime. Throughout this long political dance, both Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and the opposition "green movement" appreciated that securing the allegiance of Rafsanjani, a key player in Iranian politics since the Islamic Revolution, would represent a significant victory.

Now, Rafsanjani appears to have decided to place his bets with Khamenei. And it turns out that Rafsanjani's cultivated reputation for independence might be exactly what the supreme leader needs right now.

Since the June 12 presidential election, the only constant during Rafsanjani's long period of fence-sitting was his display of contempt for Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his cadre of hard-liners. The rift between the two men goes back many years. Rafsanjani lost to Ahmadinejad in the 2005 presidential race, a contest Rafsanjani implied was rigged by the hard-liners. The tension only intensified during the 2009 presidential election, when Ahmadinejad, in a nationally televised debate, accused his rival Mir Hossein Mousavi of receiving support from corrupt officials, such as Rafsanjani. Rafsanjani then sent an unprecedented letter to Khamenei, complaining about Ahmadinejad's "li... >>>

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by fussygorilla on

The official media refer to him as ayatollah.  When did he become an "ayatollah"? By whose authority?


Rafsanjani "independent"!

by fussygorilla on

Has anyone yet found out whether his son is still in London and what he has done with the $300 million stolen funds he has taken with him?  The stink of the corruption of this politician and his family goes all over the world but it seems that as long as he is seen as being against Ahmadi, makes him acceptable and pro-"reform".  \What a sham!

Darius Kadivar

That's an Oxymoran for the Hojjatol Eslam ... ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

To my knowledge Hojjatoleslam Rafsanjani despite his White Turban was ALWAYS on the DARK SIDE  ...


Tel Pere Tel Fils ...