Killer of Iran PM in France awaits parole ruling
Planet Iran from AFP
11-Feb-2010 (2 comments)

PARIS — A French terrorism judge postponed to March 9 a parole judgement on an Iranian agent serving life in France for the 1991 murder of the shah’s last prime minister, legal sources said Wednesday.

Ali Vakili Rad was convicted in 1994 of stabbing Shapour Bakhtiar to death at his home in Suresnes, west of Paris, on August 7, 1991. He was sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of parole until July 2, 2009.

His lawyer Sorin Margulis said the court near Paris decided on Wednesday to wait for a government order to expel Vakili Rad before ruling whether to grant him parole. He has applied to be paroled and also expelled from France.

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Shifteh jaan

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I edited the posting and put the correct link in there.  Sorry for the confusion.  

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Dear AO

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Thanks for sharing.  The link on your news post points to that awful video clip of the young man getting beaten.  Can you share the correct link?  Thanks.