IRNA web site down
homylafayette / homylafayette
10-Feb-2010 (10 comments)

IRNA's web site was brought down by hackers Wednesday evening, February 10, 2010. The newest hack comes after a spate of tit-for-tat attacks and regime efforts to control cyberspace -- and the flow of information -- in the weeks leading up to the 31st anniversary of the 1979 revolution.

Visitors to the state news agency's site were greeted with the following page...

(screen capture...)

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Back again Mr. for more? I am not passing candies you know!

by on

Let me get this straight: you're saying that anyone who stands opposed
to an IRI propagandist such as you automatically qualifies as an
"Israeli agent"? 

You seem to have an endless capacity to bash anyone who does not praise Israel or does not fit your definition of "anti IRI" with impunity. I am just giving you a bit of your own medicine that you don't seem to have a big enough stomach to take as others who are forced to do with your imature personal attacks.

If praising Iranian home made technology forces you to womitt, if having to expose Israel as a stunch Iranians enemy makes you nervous, if an opposing view article makes you shiver then you are setting yourself up to be an individual who is frankly whatever but a genuine Iranian.

Eat your heart out, I am proud of Iranian whatever technology, be it in missiles, nuclear, automotive, wind energy, aviation technologies.

Sad-Afarin to those Iranian hands who under extreme circumstances, with very little help from the West, create magic! If you can't rejoice such things as an Iranian, simply put, you are anything but an Iranian.

The rest of your comment is usual whining to gather reader's pity for your post(s) filled with personal attacks and no substance.

Will you come back for more candies? I suppose so! ;-)

Anonymous Observer

So, Gholi

by Anonymous Observer on

Let me get this straight: you're saying that anyone who stands opposed to an IRI propagandist such as you automatically qualifies as an "Israeli agent"?  

Look, actually what you and others like you are doing here and elsewhere is quite good.  It shows that you don't know how to fight this new form of opposition.  For 30 years your mafia government has been labeling everyone who opposes that child murdering regime as a foreign agent, and they have used that excuse to jail, imprison and mass murder their opposition.  But what you cannot wrap your heads around is the fact that this propaganda doesn't work anymore.  It's old and stale.  The people of Iran know that it's all a lie.  It's always been a lie.  It just doesn't work anymore.  

Now you please go around and be a broken record and call me and everyone else an "Israeli", or whatever (which is what you did under your "Gholam" username until you were blocked).  Sticking to that old propaganda is actually good for the people of Iran.  Because it's a dysfunctional method of combating the opposition and it will fail...just like it did with the old Soviet Union.

So, keep up the good work, buddy.  People of Iran can always use a Shaban bimokh like you!  

PS/ this will be my last comment to you.  Now go.  Hassan Nasrollah is waiting for you to make his dinner. 


Kermanshah1, is that you?

by thexmaster on

Anyways, IRNA is back up.  And don't be afraid of the picture in the head article.  Thats from last years rally.


Ah! Observer

by on

You never seem to miss any opportunity of "my propaganda", especially when there are personal attacks involved. That is because you have nothing more to add here or anywhere @ IC. Suppose in the long shot, I am a propagandist of an Iranian entity, as you put it! Where does that put you? An Israeli and whomever apologist or propagandist? I have no doubt about it!!!

Your posts here at IC speak volume of what you stand for, case closed!

But it was, nevertheless, good to see you coming back to get some more from me, you know, the same stuff you painfully complain and constantly nag about me. It just must be good for you!

Bon Appetit :)


As for HollyUSA, click the link to see IRNA working. You know, at the end of the day, you should not feel compelled to lie to members here simply because of your miserable hate for IRI or whomever!

Anonymous Observer

Ignore this character

by Anonymous Observer on

He used to write under the username "shah gholam" until he was blocked.  Now he's back under a different username, pimping his propaganda site.  I actually think that PressTV is more balanced than the trash that he serves up on this site.  He's just another garden variety IRI propagandist that tries to divert attention from IRI atrocities and murder by constantly talking about Israel, phony IRI "technological advances", etc.

I agree with HollyUSA.  He should just be ignored. 


Who would believe official IRI trash propaganda?

by AMIR1973 on

Iran Military Forum,   Do you believe the vomit that is served up as news on IRNA, Fars News, Press TV and the rest? Personally, I prefer the North Korean News Agency. 


You don't deserve better

by HollyUSA on

You've made your bed and now you get to sleep in it. You certainly don't deserve the attention some give you on this site.  And if you think you are fooling anyone with that link you are in worse shape than I thought. Now bug off.


I asked asimple

by on

question, where is the link to the source of your news?

Then all you could came up with was personal attack. I guess that proves how authentic your "news" was, i rest my case!

Others can chck it out for themselves:





It is up and running??

by HollyUSA on

Lol that explains a lot about you. There is a name and there are meds for your condition (seeing things, hearing things etc).

Good luck buddy. Khoda toro ham shafa bedeh.



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It is up and running as I checked it just a minute ago. In fact, the IRNA stream news on has never stopped.


Where is the source of this news?