Physical assault on two Baha’i students by their Qur’an teacher
Iran Press Watch

Tuesday 29 Day 1388 [19 Jan 2010]
Society for Combating against Educational Discrimination ( P.C.E.D. ): Physical assault on two Baha’i students by their Qur’an teacher

Following a series of governmental activities aimed at the denial of rights to the Baha’is of Iran, a short time ago two Baha’i students at the Sa’adat Guidance School in Shiraz were subjected to severe physical assault by their Qur’an instructor, whose name was Mr Rashidi.

The following account describes the episode, in the words of one of the two 12 year old students:
‘ The end-of-the-period bell had not rung yet, but the Qur’an instruction had finished.
The students were talking together quietly, when suddenly the teacher’s voice made us all silent: ” You two, come here!”. I thought he was addressing the students sitting behind us, but he was probably calling my friend and me. Before rising from our seats, the teacher reached our desk and first attacked my friend, who was sitting on the first spot of the bench. With several harsh blows he threw him off his seat and dragged him to a corner of the room, where he set upon him with fist blows and kicks. Stunned and frightened, I was looking at the teacher, who was walking towards me. I was frozen in my place in terror when his fist blows showered my head and face. The only thing I could do was to cover my neck to avoid the blows hitting my neck — because I had recently had a tonsillectomy, and was worr... >>>

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