White House spokesman says Ahmadinejad is the elected leader of Iran
white house press conference / White House spokesman
04-Aug-2009 (96 comments)

Disgrace: Shame on Obama's administration

by peace45 on

call the white house and let then hear what you have to say:

White House phone line:  202-456-6213 



check out Raymond Jahan twitter

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How can Obama recognize Ahmadinejad as the "chosen" leader? Chosen by the minority & by cheating, yes. 


link: //twitter.com/StopAhmadi/statuses/3130809713


Ostaad - Wake up from your

by peace45 on

Ostaad - Wake up from your hypnosis, Obama is not what he promised us.

 Do you really think what his spokesman said is right? Tell that to Iranian who have died in Iran or the thousands who are prisoned since election.

German, French, British, Netherland, Sweden, none these leaders have said that Ahmadinjad is the legitimate leader of Iranian people .


Obama is responsible if they give Ahmadinejad the legitimacy

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the countries you sited don't claim that they have elections..actually none of them do.

 It's foolish for any Western government to assume iran's legitimacy when people are paying the price with their lives not to have Ahamdinejad as their leader. 

Obama should stand next to people of Iran. when people of iran are dying for freedom and justice. 

 Hope and Change should also be for Iranians. 


peace45 -

by Ostaad on

Do you know of ANY country who's leader said the opposite?!!!

Thanks for the phone number. I'm going to call to congratulate Obama on being alert and realistic. 

I'm sure you'll be able to find some Preparation-H at half price online. 


This is stupid, Peace45

by Q on

It's not America's place to say who is elected. This country says the same to China, Russia, Cuba, and Saudi Arabia, and many countries which are far less legitimate governments. I give credit to Obama administration for being consistent.

This is not where we need to spend our energy. Unless you want America to solve your problems, this is a waste of time.