US Should Stay Out of Iran Dispute
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22-Jul-2009 (4 comments)

President Obama has faced pressure from some members of Congress and voices in the media to take sides in the internal dispute in Iran over their recent presidential election. While the events that have transpired in the wake of the election are disturbing, an aggressive response by the United States could make the situation for Iranians – and the future of U.S.-Iran relations – even worse.

So far, President Obama has responded cautiously, neither endorsing the election result nor the opposition claims of fraud, and re-affirming his intent to engage Iran diplomatically, regardless of the election result. Would you thank President Obama for his smart response and urge him to continue his efforts to engage Iran diplomatically?

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Farhad Kashani

IRI supporters' audacity and shamelessness are mind-boggling!

by Farhad Kashani on

IRI sympathizers and supporters are signing petition strengthening IRIs position! Like Iranians say, BEE LAKH! Europe was way more vocal in supporting Iranian people’s uprising against the regime (not good for U.S image and Iranians are disappointed from Obama because of that), but these IRI goons still wanna sign a petition against “America” cause, again, brainwashed IRI thugs know that anti Americanism has been one of main IRIs survival tools for the last 30 years! Bash and blame America as much as you can, that way IRI is a victim!!! Also, how come IRI has the right to bluntly and openly interfere in other people’s affairs, like what’s its doing in Lebanon and to Lebanon, any by expressing opinion about every little thing that happens in America, but the world is not supposed to interfere to support the oppressed Iranian people? Are you kidding me! Where is the petition to sign to stop IRI from interfering in Lebanon?


The U.S, and the world community in general, not only would be beneficial to the Iranian people, but they have an OBLIGATION to support the oppressed and forgotten people of Iran. If the world community got together to help Afghanis get rid of Taliban, they have an OBLIGATION to do the same with the Iranian people getting rid of the Godfather of Islamic Fundamentalism and Taliban, the IRI regime. off course a war on Iran would be the wrong thing to do morally and also because it would hurt innocent Iranians and strengthen the regime, but the world community and specially the U.S, has an obligation to target the IRI regime, just as they done and are doing with Yugoslavia, Rwanda, Sudan, Myanmar and others, and pursue and prosecute, among other actions, for crimes against humanity in Iran and for inspiring promoting and supporting global Islamic terrorism.


IRI is the biggest threat to world peace, co existence among civilizations and human rights principals. It needs to be removed and the world, and the U.S, should do their part in helping Iranians do that.


che khabar e

my 2 cents

by che khabar e on

First of all, Fred is hardly promoting an attack on Iran.  Anyone who knows him, knows THAT.  Shah is doing nothing more than warmongering on his very own and that is ten times more disturbing.  But Fred, I think you're saying you're disappointed in Obama and I 100% disagree with you.  Iranians IN Iran do not want any interference by the West and Obama is doing EXACTLY right.  The only ones who are making big noises about Obama doing something or doing nothing are those who live OUT of Iran.  It's in the best interest of the US AND Iran for Obama to sit back and watch.  The movement is progressing just fine without his help.

Shah, your very comments disturb me because they open up the question of whether or not Iran IS trying to go nuclear.  I agree that a free Iran has a right to nukes, but THIS REGIME DOES NOT.  I would support virtually any effort to make sure they don't.  That does NOT include attack by Israel.  Get over it man... Israel isn't going to do shit.  Neither one can do shit, so just get over it!

Shah Ghollam


by Shah Ghollam on

What is all important to you and your Tel Aviv bosses is the nukes of Iran. Anything else, including the riots in Iran and even a civil war in Iran would be nothing to you but "the means" to your objective. 

But let me give you a little news, the geni is out of the bottle in Iran and Iran will be nuclear (perhapsit already is) and Israel will be able to do nothing but sucking your thumbs in iternal fear regardless who will be president in Iran. Nuclear Iran is the national will, you and your cronies will have no role to play in it.

As a matter of fact, regardless of what form of government Iran may have, Israel will call Iran and Iranians anything from fanatics to terrorists to deny the right of nuclear technology to any other middle eastern country and save it for Israel. Dare to say no?






SOS America

by Fred on

To avoid nuclear arm in the hands of the maniacal Islamists and the resulting nuclearization of the entire Middle East, the leader of the free world, America, has to help Iranian nation with moral and material support to overthrow this Islamist cutthroats republic.