Officials: U.S. Defense Secretary to visit Israel / Reuters
21-Jul-2009 (2 comments)

Gates has voiced sympathy for Israel's concerns about
the possibility of Iran developing nuclear weapons, but has also
signaled unwillingness to see Israel launch a strike on the Islamic
Republic's nuclear facilities that could destabilize the region.

Dan Huck

America's Dilemma

by Dan Huck on

American jews, and the American media, and the AIPAC-influenced American congress are being put in a difficult position by President Obama. Of course they are on the side of their own country, the USA, even if many of them hold dual passports. For too many years they have been able to leave on their blinders and feel convinced the policies of the two nations are identical. Because of many things, however, it is becoming less and less possible to do this. The anti-semitism card has been turned into a ludicrous exercise in the eyes of many friends of the jews, myself included. Israel cannot be conceived of as an underdog in the imbroglio with Iran. Only having a nuclear weapons program and no nuclear power for civilian uses, and not being members of the Non-proliferation Treaty (as even Iran is), Israel's continuing whining about Iran's 'existential threat' is becoming more and more of a non-starter. Who's the outlaw? Who's an ongoing 'existential' threat to the peaceful community of nations in the world today? It really is time for the international community, through consensus, and with input but no veto from Israel and the Palestinians, to mandate a fair and just solution. Perhaps Jerusalem has to be an international city governed jointly by the three Abrahamic religions, side by side with the two states. Perhaps those states' security needs to be guaranteed by the international community and neither of them should be armed, other than for police functions.



Amen to that

by Bavafa on

But I wouldn't hold my breath on that happening any time soon.