Obama to Muslims: Put Up and Shut Up
www.antiwar.com / Paul Craig Roberts
05-Jun-2009 (6 comments)

Obama to Muslims: Put Up and Shut Up

by Paul Craig Roberts,
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What are we to make of Obama’s speech at Cairo University in Egypt?

"I’ve come here to Cairo to seek a new beginning between the United
States and Muslims around the world, one based on mutual interest and
mutual respect."

Cairo is the capital of Egypt, an American puppet state whose ruler
suppresses the aspirations of Egyptian Muslims and cooperates with
Israel in the blockade of Gaza.

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why is it hard for you to

by nojanthegreat on

why is it hard for you to understand ?

tell me how many seat saad harrirr got in this election?

how many seat hezzbolah got ?

how many seat saad had got in last election ?

how about Michel Aoun and his Christian party ?

The thing is communists like you ?

now , how I can be nazi fascist and Islamo fascist and then be a communist ? do you still live in cold war ?

Farhad Kashani

nojanthegreat, I think

by Farhad Kashani on


I think the little bubble you live in is at the edge of the universe since it resembles nothing like the reality in this world.

In Europe, and most importantly for IRI and its goons like you, Lebanon, and elsewhere, Leftists and Bush-haters are losing elections and dropping like leaf!

Also, the existence of 1200 mosques in U.S and Muslims freedom to worship displays the extraordinary religious freedom in the U.S. In case you didnt know, IRI would not allow Sunni mosque to be built in Tehran, where as in the U.S, there are Sunni and Shite mosques everywhere. WHo has respect for Muslims, U.S or IRI?


Obama is not left wing. The thing is communists like you were fooled, yet again byt the Leftist propaganda machine, to think that Obama will lead the long-awaited leftists revolution you guys been anticipating. I keep telling you, stop listening to that garbage and maybe you can realize the truth.

I feel sorry for you dude. you do in fact live in a different planet!




by nojanthegreat on

I wish you could do anything for me lol

every one don’t like the old (bush and it right wing friends ) policies. no European , not Arabs , not south American and not even Americans.

USA having 1200 masque doesn’t mean anything , how many church does USA has ?

if you remember obama is left wing and not wrong wing . so why are you supporting him . did us confuse you ?

have we made you lost your way ?

Obama is doing what IRI ask him to do , start respecting Iran and Islam world.

and it was usa who defined itself anti this and that .

anti nazi, anti communist, anti Islam fascist.

so get your fact straight .

Farhad Kashani

nojan, I'm making you go crazy, ha?

by Farhad Kashani on

Some brainwashed people,like you, in some Islamic countries don't like U.S foreign policy, not U.S itself, cause IRIs propaganda machine was able to brainwash them to think U.S, which like Obama said has 1200 mosques and Muslims enjoy all kinds of freedoms in it and has been aiding Muslim countries for years and has been recpecting Islam, is "Islam", the whole religion's, enemy! Because IRI, since it has a cold heart and evil intentions, used public diplomacy to reach to some avegra Muslims. Obama understands that and thats why he understands the importance of public diplomacy.

Like I said, IRI and its supporters like you, are angry, worried and p'd off! IRI, like Obama said, has defined itself as anti America, and on the other hand, trus Muslims. Any attempt towards peace, dialogue, frienship, and co existence between Islamic nations, including the Iranian people, and the West, specially U.S, will be severly fought and rejected by the IRI and its supporters because IRIs existence depends of Islam - West conflict.


farhad, farhad,

by nojanthegreat on

farhad, farhad, farhad smart public diplomacy ? talking to egyptian , saudie arabia , whats new? 56 % 45 % 43 % of egypt , jordan , saudia people do not like USA . even with obama in office. and all this shows that iran was on the right side when dident give in to jews state . we will wait and we will see when all this promises and nice words will not get achived. and all those we love you people will be pissed.

Farhad Kashani

smhb, your beloved IRI is the biggest loser from all this!

by Farhad Kashani on

One of the most important strategies in war against Islamic extremism is smart public diplomacy approach. What the U.S need to do is to reach to the ordinary muslim and isolate Fascist and fundamnetalist regimes and groups like IRI, Taliban, Hezbollah and others.

The speech in Cairo was part of that smart public diplomacy. The audience loved him, and the reactions have been mostly positive among most Muslims.

The ones who are pissed and are calling his speech to "fool the kids" see their beloved IRI regime isolated. They are affarid of dialogue between civilizations because their existence depends on conflict, war, clash and animosity between Islam and the West. Obama stated how U.S is tolerant and how 1200 mosques exist in the U.S. That will make regimes such as IRI who call the U.S "enemy of Islam" look like an idiot, as if we didn't know they were ignorant fundamentalists to begin with!