Ecuador will shut US base, expand Iran ties
28-May-2009 (5 comments)


Ecuador will shut US base, expand Iran ties

Thu, 28 May 2009 18:35:54 GMT

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Ecuador's Defense Minister Javier Ponce Cevallos

Ecuadorian Defense Minister Javier Ponce Cevallos says his country is going beyond the Cold War rules and seeking defense ties with Iran.

In a snub to US complaints, Ponce said, "we have our own policies, our own geostrategic positions, and what interests us, with Iran for instance, is boosting information technology and our national defense strategies," he told a radio channel in Ecuador.

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Farhad Kashani

damn sure Venezuela is in

by Farhad Kashani on

damn sure Venezuela is in deep problem. Economy is ruined, democracy is in the tiolett, people are fleeing in numbers. Chavez stole the second time elections. Specialy the vote for him to nominate himself endlessly. You think Venezuelans are some pro Fascism people like you whom gonan let someone elect for life? NO!Exactly what Khomeini did when he came to Iran. Gues where Venezuelans are fleeing to? Colombia!! With its booming economy and democracy and great international respect.

Pro left was on the rise too during the cold war. What happened? They got defeated by the democraic world, led by the U.S, in a devastating fashion which resulted in their systems crumble like nothing!! The same will happen again. The recent electin in showed aan anti left candidate winning. Same thing in Mexico with Caldeorn.


ya Venezuela is in deep

by nojanthegreat on

ya Venezuela is in deep problem, farhad put the crack pot dawn.
Chavez just won his last election and it pushing pro Americans to corner. he is blame for helping another Latin countries to fight their
upper classes for more benefit and it help to curve poverty in the area.
we all see that pro left government are on rise in Latin world and years of braveness like in chilli or Columbia is paying off.
Columbian right wing leader have deal with the devil and now is isolated in the area.
Latin people are hard working brave people who deserve this.
and about what the deal will bring to Venezuela ?
well after 10 years Russian navy came to its ports and the Russian sold the new Migs to them and will work on Venezuelans nuke program.
what their friendship bring for them was civil war and coups and military powers who make the living the hell for them .

Farhad Kashani

So I guess Ecuador has sold

by Farhad Kashani on

So I guess Ecuador has sold itself to the devil! It’s going down the same path that the other dictator and Pro IRI fascism nutjob Chavez went. That path has led to his dictatorship and the destruction of Venezuelans democracy and economy.


That’s what dealing with the devil (i.e IRI) has brought to Venezuela and will bring to Ecuador.



by smhb on

They will do great. Their independence from imperialist coersion is hard won for them to fall to imperialists again. Their cooperation and allaince with Iran is a gift to all freedom loving people of this planet who look to be free from lies, coersion, duplicity and hypocricy of imperialists and zionists . 


great news thanks

by nojanthegreat on

great news thanks smhb best wishes to latin nations