The U.S. has ‘no moral standing’ to criticize Iran
Foreigh Policy Journal / Kourosh Ziabari
11-Apr-2009 (4 comments)

In September 2007, Stephen Zunes fell under the spotlight of the mass media following his meeting with the controversial Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in New York during his third trip to the U.S. to attend the 62nd session of the United Nations General Assembly. Dr. Stephen Zunes is a Professor of Politics and International Studies at the University of San Francisco, where he serves as the chairman of Middle Eastern Studies program. His articles constantly appear in the major media outlets and news websites including Common Dreams, Tikkun Magazine, National Catholic Reporter, Foreign Policy In Focus, Huffington Post, Open Democracy and AlterNet. Zunes also appears on BBC, PBS, NPR and MSNBC as a Middle Eastern studies expert to present his viewpoints, analyses and commentaries on the outstanding issues of conflict in Israel, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey and Iran.

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anonymous fish

this is verging on

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is it "foreigh policy journal?" or foreign .....

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just wondering!

Farhad Kashani

smhb, EVERYONE, including

by Farhad Kashani on


EVERYONE, including the U.S, has the right to criticize your beloved Fascist, war mongering, fundamentalism promoting, human rights violating medival IRI regime, because the Mullah regime is a threat to the WHOLE WORLD.  

Criticizing should only be the first step. The International Community has an OBLIGATION to help the Iranian people free their country from this brutal regime.




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Good article, thanks for sharing it.