US wrestling team arrives in Iran for tournament
Jerusalem Post/Associated Press
10-Mar-2009 (2 comments)

A group of American freestyle wrestlers arrived in the capital to participate in an international tournament, Iran's state television reported Monday. The report said the team that traveled to Teheran included seven wrestlers and three coaches. The two-day competition will begin Wednesday. More than 100 athletes and coaches from the US and Iran have traveled to each others' countries since an exchange program was launched in 2007, but the exchanges have not always gone as planned. Iran invited the US women's badminton team to compete in a tournament in February and then denied its players visas, saying there was no time to process their applications.

Javad Yassari

And they're in--let the games begin!

by Javad Yassari on

Thank God they issued timely visas for these American athletes!


anonymous fish

this is great!

by anonymous fish on

i'm so happy to hear it worked out this time.  the more that the average american can see for himself how great the iranian people are, the stronger the bonds are between our two countries.  that bond will be important when iran is free of this repressive regime.  besides... sports should be outside the parameters of politics!!!!