Shoe reportedly thrown at Iranian president Ahmadinejad
The Guardian / Robert Tait
06-Mar-2009 (3 comments)

Ahmadinejad found the shoe on the other foot as he waved to the crowd from an open-top car on his way to give a speech at a local stadium. An Iranian website, Urumiye News, reported that a shoe was hurled at the president as his convoy drove through a central square. Security guards waded into the crowds but failed to find the culprit.


Damn, this one was a miss too

by Hajminator on

The unknown iranian of the day.



Hopeful reformist jan

by Hajminator on

‫خدا کنه ‫این مردک بی شعور دروغگو رو دیگه نبینیم. عزیز, باورت میشه که هر وقت ریختشو میبنم، یاد اون همه دروغهائیکه گفته میفتم و فقط میخوام جلوم میبود که دوتا کشیده نثارش کنم؟


I'm sure nobody will throw a shoe at Khatami

by Hopeful reformist (not verified) on

They will just boo him as before but hech surely the foreigners admire him, adore his smiles and praise his "dialogue of civilization" agenda ... the hell with Iranian people's rights ...

btw, a few lucrative contracts will surely be in order