Moscow, Tehran force the US's hand
LA Times / Ambassador M K Bhadrakumar
05-Feb-2009 (3 comments)

It may seem there could be nothing in common between the blowing up of a bridge in the Khyber, the usage of an air base nestling in the foothills of the Pamirs and the launch of a 60-pound (37.2 kilogram) satellite into the night sky that will circle the Earth 14 times a day. But band them together and they trigger the political and diplomatic equivalent of what is known in the game of chess as zwischenzug, which means an intermediate move that improves a player's position.

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Irianians are good Bullies

by Mongois (not verified) on

Abarmard, if Akhmadinejad and his ilk were good politicians, as you claim, they wouldn't need brutality to bring everyone to heel: They would simply stupify the population with their wit and charm, like most Western politicians do.

Iranian politicians are stupid, though, like George W. Bush, and stupid people with power beat anyone who doesn't do what they want into submission because they don't have the patience or mental capacity to figure out a way to convince others that it's in their own best interest to concede to the politicians' demands.


To Abarmard: siyasat-e yeki be na'l yeki be Mikh

by An observer (not verified) on

Abarmard jaan, you must be a somewhat good politician too trying to emulate the foxes of the world politics, the British.

I see how you maneuver and change lanes in different threads except you are TOO OBVIOUS and anybody can see through you.


Very Interesting

by Abarmard on

This is an interesting article. I have been trying to follow the Iranian international politics and have come to the conclusion that Iranians are good politicians.