Meshaal: Resistance is all we have in Gaza
11-Jan-2009 (4 comments)

In a speech from Damascus, Khaled Meshaal, Hamas' political leader spoke on the events arising from Israel's ongoing 15-day raid on the Gaza Strip:
The Zionists wanted to impose a humiliating defeat on us because the only obstacle to confront them is resistance, especially in the Gaza Strip.
Perhaps the Zionists, because of the difference between the resistance in Lebanon and Gaza, thought that in comparison with Hezbollah, we were weak and they could regain the reputation of their army following its defeat in Lebanon. They tried to use the territories of Gaza to show their military might.
A very important point is that the Muslim world should stand by us.
In spite of all these massacres committed by Israel, some say that we are the problem and the massacres are our fault. These are shameful words. What provided the atmosphere for the Zionists to boost their reputation (among their people) and to increase our wounds and impose new circumstances, for example the separation wall, settlement activities and so on, all happened at the time of negotiations.

Concerning are casualties and wounded, resistance cannot liberate
without martyrs and casualties. It is better to achieve victory through
martyrs and wounded, instead of having casualties without resistance
and victory.

Some express fear that after all the sacrifices, the leadership of
the resistance may collapse or make a settlement for example. On the
con... >>>

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Zionist's problems!

by Ajam (not verified) on

Hamas is not going anywhere so long as Israel has not pulled back behind the pre-1967 borders. The only possibility for Hamas to go away is to be replaced by yet fiercer militant groups. And if anyone thinks that could not happen, wait and see!

Israel can not solve the problem by erasing the face of the equasion. If and when Israel finally decides for peace, the land grab, the settlement buiding, the check points, the walls, the assassinations have to stop in oder to disarm Hamas of its ideological arsenal. Otherwise, it keeps making life difficult for the zionists on the other side of the equasion.

P.S. What happened to the "Khamas must be liquidated" rhetoric? You don't here that anymore!


Of course, the problem is

by sickofiri (not verified) on

Of course, the problem is that not only will imagination and above all flexibility be required on the Israeli side, but also on the Palestinian side: this seems also to be in especially short supply. One group especially fugs the creative impulse with its claim that violence pays, a viewpoint of which it needs to be disabused radically if any progress is to be made.


In a speech from Damascus

by Iva (not verified) on

Damascus?!!! So brave these Hamas people are!

I remember a few years ago Israeli soldiers cornered one of Felesties top guys in charge of recruiting Homocide bombers. He was surrounded in a house ... so what do you think a man of islam/honor/love_for_felestin/freedom/shehadat/behesht/72_hoory(virgins) who had preached killing others to get into brothels in heaven did? Do you think he fired a gun even aiming to sky just to say I shot a gun in a battle? No, do you think he strapped explosives to himself to take revenge on his enemies? No. He simply put his hand over his head, his tail between his legs and gave up.... number one lesson in islam is how to be hypocrite!

Mehdi Mazloom

Dream dream baby

by Mehdi Mazloom on

What else Mashaal can do, except pipe dream and intellectual masturbation.

another one of those 1000 Arabian night bed time stories.