Female bomber kills Iranian pilgrims at start of Shia festival in Iraq
The Times / Deborah Haynes
05-Jan-2009 (4 comments)

A female suicide bomber killed at least 35 people, many of them Iranian pilgrims, and wounded scores more when she blew herself up amid a crowd of Shia worshippers outside a shrine in Baghdad today. The attack was the second major bombing since US forces came under Iraqi Government authority on January 1. It also occurred as Iraqi leaders expressed confidence in their ability to defend Iraq at a ceremony to mark Army Day. The bomber, dressed in a traditional black Islamic robe, targeted a checkpoint outside the Imam Moussa al-Khadim shrine in Khadamiya, northeast Baghdad, as Shia Muslims prepared to commemorate the death of Hussein, the grandson of the Prophet Mohammed, at a key religious holiday this week. Sunni Islamist extremists such as al-Qaeda have repeatedly targeted the annual event following the 2003 invasion. Today’s bombing will raise questions as to whether the Iraqi police and army can handle security alone.

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by MRX1 (not verified) on

A) I don't hate muslims. I hate islamo facists. Any Iranian who loves Iran and cares for Iran I presume feels the same.
B) I consider this kind of pilgrimage waste of money if not dangerous. having said that, what kind of a governmnet will allow it's citizen to travel to an unstable place like Iraq? I think the answer is clear..........
C) what kind of a person is stupid enough that par takes this jurney at this time?
D) I never said I was a righteous person. If hell is where I end up so be it.
E) Finaly the point here is clear: All the demonstrations, all the yelling and screaming is done only when Isreali or Americans are involved in some thing, otherwise it's always quite in the LEFT and wacky liberal front. it's a hypocracy of left.



by Anonymous4556 (not verified) on


your hate of muslims has always been clear, but these were Iranians who just wanted to make a pilgrimage because it's a spiritual taking. They didn't buy into that terrorist 72 virgins crap. These innocent Iranians who are "idiots" and who are in "hell" ,according to you, deserve respect. You come on here and blast everyone for not caring when you in return show no remorse about their brutal killings. How much do you really care about Iranians? And if it's based on someone's religion, then you shouldn't be preaching about how rigtheous you are.

Well done.


Only if it was American or Isreali bomb....

by MRX1 (not verified) on

people get upset only and only, when an American or Isreali bomb kills some body that's all! If this sueside bomber killed thousends and majority where childeren, I guaranty you there wouldn't be one demonstration any where! not one word from the bleeding hard liberals, leftist and wacko islamists!
Not one signature collection on any web sites!

Now why on earth these idiots spend money to go Iraq on some stupid pilgrimage, is beyond me. Khalayegh harche layegh. Guess now they can meet khomeini in hell with 72 virgins.

Kaveh Nouraee

I Guess

by Kaveh Nouraee on

Everyone is so preoccupied with the big, bad, evil IDF bombing Hamas rocket launch pads in Gaza that no one is even blinking an eye over the fact that Iranians were killed by an Arab.

Very telling. Silence speaks volumes.