The Hufington Post: Israeli Occupied Territory
// / Justin Raimondo
The Huffington Post: Israeli-Occupied Territory

Why is the Huffington Post carrying water for the IDF? Follow the money …

by Justin Raimondo

Pat Buchanan was widely vilified by the neocons
and the politically correct left when he famously described the Congress of
the United States as "Israeli-occupied
." Oh, what a conniption the liberals and the Commentary
crowd had! That was during the countdown to the first Gulf War, when almost
no one rose to object – and those who did, like Pat, were smeared for their
trouble. Today, such an observation is hardly considered controversial: it is
simply a known fact.

There is more discussion in the Knesset over the pros and cons of US intervention
in the Middle East on Israel's behalf than there is in on Capitol Hill. There's
a sense in which this sort of uniformity must be a little embarrassing for the
Lobby, in that it underscores their fear that a real debate will suddenly break
out. The regularity with which the American Congress endorses every fresh Israeli
atrocity has a certain deaden... >>>

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