Israeli jets target Gaza tunnels
28-Dec-2008 (19 comments)

Israel has bombed supply tunnels in the southern Gaza Strip in a second day of intense air raids aimed at forcing Hamas militants to halt rocket fire. A major tunnel bringing fuel into Gaza from Egypt was among three destroyed, Palestinians say. But Israel says its jets bombed more than 40 tunnels. Israel has also threatened to launch a ground assault and is now calling up 6,500 army reservists. Palestinians say at least 280 people have died in the air raids. Israel accuses Palestinian militants of using the tunnels to smuggle weapons into Gaza. As jets pounded the southern Gaza Strip hundreds of Palestinians stormed over a fence on the Gaza-Egypt border, but Egyptian security forces prevented them entering the country. Egyptian security forces fired shots and several injuries were reported.

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American Wife


by American Wife on

Well... that's good to  I think I've made the mistake of thinking that I might be "part" of this community and it's ever clearer that it isn't so.  To be married to an Iranian is FAR from being close enough to comment on sensitive  It's fine for y'all to argue, discuss, or debate without that "who the hell do you think YOU are" response.  I think what hurts the most is that when it comes to subjects concerning politics or religion (ie. the IRI or the Israel/Palestine issue), I'm clearly the outsider... an A.M.E.R.I.C.A.N. (ignorant and arrogant) who doesn't know shit but when it comes to issues regarding the US, THEN EVERYONE remembers they are American themselves now and can shit on the US.  I call it selective memory...:-)

Anyhoo... I've learned my lesson!

David ET

American Wife:

by David ET on

Please note that the commentators on do not necessarily represent
the views of majority of Iranian society in general ( I am not talking about
this subject only)

But what you do get here from "certain individuals " on different sides of the spectrum is a
sampling of the "extremes" within the Iranian society in Diaspora who get a kick
out of their occasional virtual and semi-intellectual verbal orgasms
without any actions and sacrifice for even what they claim to stand for.

Their idea of making a difference is to ridicule and belittle anyone who does
not share their views at best and to call them names or label them at worst. Some of them don't stop at, they also call Persian satellite TV's or
Radios and enlighten other websites too!

Then they usually go back to eat their chelokabob and dough with Onions until
next time that they feel the need to come here and burp out.

... and then there are those on IR or other payrolls who do what they are told
to do

But please also note that there are many knowledgeable, respectful and
caring Iranians on this site, some contribute in articles, blogs, news and
commentaries and so many more just read ... and in no way , shape or form my comments
above were  directed at them

but no in my view this site does not represent  most "Iranians" views  but just specific segments of it

David ET


by David ET on

I have answered EXACT same questions that you asked me in
this blog and other ones about the subject.

I am not going to waste my time and re-write them again. Go read them if want my answer!

As for me I have "learned" anyone who supports wraping a bomb around the body
of his own people and sending them to knowingly be killed while killing a group of
innocent people including women and children is a "thug" just as I have "learned" that anyone
who intentionally places its military installations among civilian populations
is a "thug" and also have "learned" that anyone who knows by escalating hostility it can cause more
bloodshed to its own people that it can not defend is a "thug"

and I also have "learned" that those who imprison , torture and kill their own people
in Iran and then cry wolf for Palestinians are "thugs"

and I also have "learned" that those who knowingly order dropping bombs on civilians
targets in Palestine are "thugs"

and I also have "learned" that those who support the "thugs" care less about human
rights and more about their own reactionary ideologies or religious
interpretations or agendas

I also have "learned" that Eye for an eye makes the whole world blind


Let go of hate, Let go of old ideologies and Let in love for your human brothers and sisters regardless of their nationality and religion

Also while at it, "learn" how to communicate with humble mutual respect even for those that you think know less than you do or have less than you do or you think are less smarter than you or....

wishing you peace and love in 2009

and wishing that we all learn more everyday, me included


Israel is doing a great job!

by Arash Kamangir (not verified) on

We all have understood one thing for sure in the last three decades that you cannot negotiate or make peace with terrorists. Israel who is leading the way to fight terrorists has announced that the operation will continue till Hamas is crushed. We can only wish Israel alot of success and cannot wait to see the day when Hamas does not exist.

Long Lice Iran


Anybody cares to sign up?

by Anonymous eye raini (not verified) on

Iran clerics enlist volunteers to fight 'Zionist regime' in Gaza
A group of Iranian hard-line clerics is signing up volunteers to fight in the Gaza Strip in response to Israel's air strikes that have killed at least 300 Palestinians, a news agency reported on Monday.

"From Monday the Combatant Clergy Society has activated its Web site for a week to register volunteers to fight against the Zionist regime (Israel) in either the military, financial or propaganda fields," the semi-official Fars news agency said.

American Wife

David ET

by American Wife on

Your points are well made.  It's unfortunate that the majority of Iranians see this as one-sided and all Israels fault with no thought of what Hamas has done. 


Mr. David ET go read and learn

by XerXes (not verified) on

What happened. Hamas is a reactionary, popular organization. What would you do if a group of foreigners came and took whatever you had, not only the house but your entire identity and history? Since when the Hamas is the problem? They should continue fighting, why not? Hamas was elected by the Palestinians.
People like you perhaps blame Iraqis for the mess they are living in.
Israel is not doing this just this time, it has been doing these crimes for sixty years. So now Hamas is the problem?

David ET

Dear Shahbaz

by David ET on

"What would your reaction be if you had no job, no money, no hope, no future, and nothing else to lose? " You asked.

The ones who have no job, no money, no hope, no future and nothing else to use are NOT the ones who put fire in to the this situation. It is the extremist leaders such as Hamas (and their counterparts on the Israeli side) with power who do this!

The ones you are referring to are victims of both sides. One has stopped the supply of food and medicine to them and kicked them out of their homes and the other is using their desperate feelings and emotions to promote its own religious ideology and hunger for more power by operating military operations from the heart of civilian areas and using them as shelters which in itself is a war crime or use them as ammunition by wrapping bombs around their belt and sending them to kill more civilians on the other side just to continue this vicious cycle.

The thugs of Hamas, Hezbollah , Al Quada, IR and alike have no respect for human lives Muslim, Jew, Palstinian, Iraqi, American or Iranian. They are the same ones who create  suicide and car bombing of the highly populated streets of Muslim Iraq! So its not the lives of Muslims that they care about. 

Just as their counterparts have no respect for human lives when they drop or send bombs on civilians in Iraq and Palestinian territories.

The solution is beyond the limits of this commentary and the time that I have now, but extremism by Hamas not only does not bring food and supply to Gaza but brings bombs over the heads of the innocent too !

I repeat , extremism and bloodshed by either side has not achieved anything and in future will not either. That is if we want to learn anything from history of the past 60 years.


Mr. David ET,

by Shahbaz (not verified) on

I answer your question if you do mine.

Palestinians have not won their independence by sending rockets to Israel, and they may never will; or perhaps they will if they are lucky and get outside support like Israelis did sixty years ago.

Now my question to you is again what is the alternative? What would you do if you were living in Gaza, the largest and most populated concentration camp in the world? How could you tolerate the situation if your child was sick and you couldn't find medicine because Israelis had closed the borders for months or years? What would your reaction be if you had no job, no money, no hope, no future, and nothing else to lose?

Your suggestion is negotiation, which I agree under the normal circumstances and equality. But do you think that you can negotiate with a maniac killer who is pointing a gun to your head and you can somehow come out with your rights secured?

Come on Mr. ET! I thought you were more intelligent than this; or perhaps you are but think that the rest of us aren't.

David ET

Dear Shahbaz

by David ET on

I ask you a question: Did Hamas gain Palestinian independence back by sending rockets to Israel? NO!

So all this caused was more bloodshed. Hamas does not even recognize Israel.

War by either side is not the solution, it has not worked in the past for either party and will not in future either. This is not the first time and most probably not last.

Realistic negotiations are the ONLY solution. Israeli public want permanent peace and palestinians if acting smart can use that to their advantage.


For David ET

by Shahbaz (not verified) on

and people like him who believe Palestinians are to blame for the recent killings and bombardments, read the following. When you're under siege in your home for such a long time and are desperate, you will do anything to defend yourself and your family. What would you do Mr. ET if you were a Palestinian living in Gaza?

"Gunness, a spokesman for the U.N. Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA), said the agency has been unable to get needed medical supplies into Gaza for more than a year, because of Israel's blockade of border crossings."

"Long, long lists of drugs and other medical supplies which in the U.S. would be considered standard in any hospital -- they're just not available in Gaza," he said. "When people have been turning up for treatment following this massive attack, they are simply being turned away. If you've got things like shattered limbs, broken arms, broken legs, feet blown off, that kind of thing, you're simply not being seen. If you've got very light injuries and you need bandages or aspirins, you'll get seen."

Source: CNN


Look how aweful is hate

by Hajminator on


Inconvinient truth

by Alborzi (not verified) on

The fact that some group attacks Israel. does not give her a license to go on murdering hundreds. Its like when that psycho took its machine gun and killed the Palestinians at prayer was unfortunate, but it was not the cause to go on and kill innocent people, this is a clear case of Israel attacking a defenseless group and she can do so with immunity, the rest is an excuse, it certainly is out of any proportionality, its kind of like the attack two years ago into Lebanon.

David ET

Dear Hajminator and SD

by David ET on

You seem to have ignored many of my comments:

I STARTED my comment with: "I do not condone any act of killing civilians and bombardments"

I also codemned Israel's "disproportionate use of force"

and then stated: "I feel sorry for the civilians who are the victims
of the sick politics of Hamas, Hezbollah , Islamic Republic as well as Israel. "

I also said: "Another Cease fire is needed ....stop
supporting extremists if they ever want to see peace. So do Israelis."

My condemntaion is CLEAR but at the same time, I am not going to jump on the bandwagon and fall in to Hamas's trap and only blame one side.


David jan,

by Hajminator on

We are talking about people's life. So we can not exhibit the number of deaths to prove which camp has more reason than the other. Pain is pain, no matter who from which belief suffers from it.

The answer of your first question ... where were all these people with tears of crocodile when Hamas started to send rockets to Israel?!. It's because you don't see any guy from Hamas on this site trying to teach us the art of living. But there is one from Israel who infests our existence here and who thinks she is a good teacher while she doesn't even know the basic of our culture.

And that disturbs us.


Mr. David ET,

by SD (not verified) on

Where were you to comment when Israelis closed off life to Gazans for the past several months by shutting off food fuel, medicine, etc. and assassinating their leaders repeatedly? Who do you think can tolerate all these crimes without reacting? Mr. ET, if you had a bit of decency in your judgment, you would have not made such a reckless and irresponsible comment.

I used to read your blogs and agree with some of your points and have respectful reservations with others. Unfortunately, I can't trust your judgment anymore. Sorry, you lost a good customer!

David ET

This is what Hamas wanted!

by David ET on


I do not condone any act of killing civilians and bombardments
but where were all these people with tears of crocodile when Hamas started to
send rockets to Israel?!

Israel's action is disproportionate but when a mice
INTENTIONALLY AND KNOWINGLY plays with the tail of a Lion , he should expect

Hamas did this to gain world and Arab support
knowing that Israel will eventually respond.

The fact is Hamas wanted to escalate the situation
KNOWING that Israel obviously will not sit quiet in reaction to their
hostilities and eventually RESPOND!

Hamas is fully responsible for putting Palestinians
in this situations. What did they expect ? That Israel will sit quiet and take
all the rockets that were coming their way.

I feel sorry for the civilians who are the victims
of the sick politics of Hamas, Hezbollah , Islamic Republic as well as

Hamas created this mess and they should end it.
Palestinians for years have been victims of corrupt leaders...

I am talking about THIS situation but I know I am
going to get a whole historical lecture and victimization which is the intention
of Hamas etc...It hasn't worked for 60 years and will not work in future
either... Stop extremism on all sides.

Another Cease fire is needed and Palistinians must get rid of Hamas and stop
supporting extremists if they ever want to see peace. So do Israelis.


No surprise

by IraniIrooni (not verified) on

Its just a bunch of shysters being hypocritical again. Israelis love this, there is no question. The best for israel is for this conflict to continue until the settlements, poverty, lack of food, etc completely destroy the Palestinians, in other words, until their genocide is accomplished. israel also wants instability in Iraq to continue (that's why it pushed for the launch of the Iraq war), in order to have more reasons to attack Iran. Israel knows that without any stability or basically a strong govt, those countries will be broken up into several countries as they are occupied (and have been for centuries) by so many different groups of people. And once these countries get broken up, israel will feel more powerful, or as their shyster politicians say, they will feel 'safer'. This has been part of th israeli strategy since the likuds became more powerful in the 80s. God bless Ronald Reagan for pissing on these israelis, while God and us Americans are already spitting on (and throwing shoes at Bush jr) for being such a great puppet to the likudniks, or in English, the neocons.


Its the old story again

by Alborzi (not verified) on

Its like the Iranian revolution, the Palestinians
do not have an incentive to cooperate and there is so much pain Israel can inflict. It seems that USA and Israel should give them incentives for peace, unfortunately as in Iran and the USA, its not good to be