USA Invasions, Bombings, Military Aid, Political Interventions and Sanctions / Kryss Tal

When the USA is not actively removing governments it disapproves of, it is normally very busy interfering in other nations' affairs. The interference may be financial, military, overt (out in the open) or covert (under-cover, secret). Whenever the event, there are two reasons to be considered. * Reason 1: The reason given by the USA, its media and its friends around the world. Reasons like Communism, Terrorism, Human Rights, Freedom, Liberation, Weapons of Mass Destruction, etc. * Reason 2: The actual reason. This is usually hidden from the general public and has to be looked for in quotes by under-reported officials or subsequent events on the ground. Real reasons are many but usually include Business Interests, Access to Resources, Markets, Military Bases, Strategic Value, or Political Support.

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