Yasmine Pahlavi Presides Fundraising Charity Gala for Children Foundation
payvand / Darius KADIVAR
07-Aug-2008 (6 comments)

At times it has been said, by detractors of our generation of Iranians in Exile, that we were self Indulgent and cynical, We at the Foundation for the Children of Iran, beg to differ. We are witness to a generation who responded to our call, with generosity of spirit and enormous kindness … Tonight you will leave this great hall, and you too will bear witness to the 17 year accomplishment of a generation of Iranians, who never forgot where they came from, never forgot who they left behind, never forgot their responsibilities, never forgot their priorities, never Forgot …"

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by amirkabear4u on

this family cared for Iran earlier, Iran would not have a president who looks like and behaves like a gardener!!!


دیروز ظالم امروز عادل؟

پندار (not verified)

خونخوارها چگونه میتواند به فکر بیچارگان باشند؟!
با خودتون صادق باشید
فریب نخورید.


Silent Auction

by Art Dealer (not verified) on

and you know what would be funny, if the royal circle decides to also have a silent auction of the loot of jewels they brought out of Iran with them, how about that?

I mean no offense to Yasamin khanoom, after all she is not born into this family.


ooh pleeeaz....

by maziar 58 (not verified) on

jenab mostaghel chera choob laye charkh migozarid ?
I'm sure with all the moneies they have be assured if the irani part don't deduct expenses!! all the money will go to that cause. (LET's BE POSITIVE) at least from now on.

payande IRAN


How old are you?

by Mostaghel finder (not verified) on

AND you witnessed all those self-serving nights of feasts in the name of poor Iranians during the entire Pahlavi dynasty era and still lived to tell us all about it. Bravo


Lets hope it will help Iranian kids rather than ....

by mostaghel on

Rather than the "royal" family having another night of feast in the name of poor iranians for their own pleasure, as they did over the entire Pahlevi dynasty era.