Iran's Morality Police began a new phase in their campaign against Western-style clothing and hairstyles
Via Payvand / Mehdi Ghasemi and Alireza Sotakbar, ISNA
07-Jul-2008 (6 comments)

In June 2008, Iran's Morality Police began a new phase in their campaign against Western-style clothing and hairstyles. Women are being arrested if their headscarves do not fully cover their hair or their clothes show their figures too clearly. (read report by BBC). Following photos are from the enforcement of the morality laws in the capital city Tehran.

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When facing problems!

by Ali reza (not verified) on

Anytime the government in Iran ,thinks that they are facing problems such as now that there is a possibility of war or there is an economic hardship,or by anyway their survival is in jeopardy ,they try to keep people quite by start harassing the citizen.This is done to let them know that they are being watched so they would not have any wrong ideas.


The day will come

by azadi55 (not verified) on

when all these backward actions will back fire in their ugly faces. Don't they understand that the more they make people hate them, the harsher the time for them will be when the tables will turn? I can't wait to see that day.


they have to!

by MRX1 (not verified) on

cause this issue, is among one of the core issues that defines this horrible backward regime.
If they let women dress the way they want, next thing you know women will ask for more and more and before you know it you will send the end of this sewer republic! same way with workers union. you see how they crush them so brutaly. they know workers union in poland brought the down communism so they don't want to take any chances.
Finaly blame the average person out there. when any of these cockroaches harress women out there, if bunch of people just gang on them and prevent them from harressing women, before you know it they will have to back off and the message gets out there. The power these people comes from lack of care and selfishness of people that's all!


Stupidity is endless

by Abarmard on

The regime should show growth by respecting people rather than continuing the same failed policies. The essence of the regime is not reformable, it seems, which forces the mass to advocate the revolutionary changes. That is not a rosy picture. The system should become more mature and begin to advance to a higher grounds by providing more social freedoms and less punishments for silly acts, which are not crimes. We have been witnessing that the opposite has been true and the regime doesn't want to reform itself to Iran and the Iranians way of life, a better life.

ahh, what can one say?


The end is near

by AnonymBemoon (not verified) on

... wait and see


A system that is tied to a hair

by Iva (not verified) on

Even if one percent of women who live in Iran show up outdoors and remove their forced headscarf for 5 minutes, then the world will know that how weak islam (i.e. IRI) truely is. What has kept islam and IRI in power are 1) Brute and unconditional force 2) Lack of cooperation amoung ordinary citizens.