The Food and the Energy crisis, fiction or reality?
Global Research / Rev. Richard Skaff

In these murky times, where priorities and values have been turned upside down by the political propaganda machines, where revenge is rendered into self-preservation,  aggression transformed into courage, fanaticism into a mark of the real man, dissent  into betrayal, sadism into protectionism, pathology into normalcy, and pre-emptive war into peace, the push to assassinate the middle class remains active and healthy.

As a result, wages are down, inflation is up, commodities have spiraled out of control,  and the greenbacks have plummeted into low records. The US dollar supremacy is in  doubt, which might pave the way for a new currency within a new order under the security and prosperity partnership process.

Not surprisingly, the price of oil keeps going up negating the laws of supply and  demand, and the food prices has also become so increasingly inflated that a food shortage is  promoted creating a worldwide panic.

The question is why? Reshaping economies, indebting nations, and controlling the petroleum of the world is essential for total world domination, where all nations are  subdued and impoverished. Therefore, all nations will suffer weakened sovereignty, and become dependent on the global tans-national masters of the universe.

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