Israel to attack Iran unless enrichment stops: minister
Reuters / Dan Williams
06-Jun-2008 (15 comments)

An Israeli attack on Iranian nuclear sites looks "unavoidable" given the apparent failure of sanctions to deny Tehran technology with bomb-making potential, one of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's deputies said on Friday.

"If Iran continues with its program for developing nuclear weapons, we will attack it. The sanctions are ineffective," Transport Minister Shaul Mofaz told the mass-circulation Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper.

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War ---No more war NO MORE WAR

by Amir Nasiri (not verified) on

More Iranians have died in the hand of the IRI regime than any other foreign country invasion or attack.

The IRI regime execution frenzy in the early and late 80's then early 90's have cost over million life.

Not to mention the death to poverty, malnutrition, disease and road accidents (the highest in the world because of poor road and car conditions), the air pollution and etc. under the current regime.

I think more Iranian are currently dying than we can even imagine.

However, war is not the answer to free Iran. I know we the Iranian people will overthrow the regime when the time is right. It is just a matter if time. Patience will prevail and when the time is ripe we will bring these criminal to justice.

Iranians from all walks of life, religion and ethnicity have been deprived from their rights by IRI and their animal like tactics.

I have tremendous amount of respect for our Iranians Jews, Baha'i, Zoroastrians, Christians, Kurds, Arabs, baluchis and azeris to put with the BS and racism by this regime and their followers. I have apologized and will apologize again on behalf of all Iranians to you.

Iranian Jews are the bravest people and they are very loyal to their country than any Muslim Iranian.

Propaganda by the Nazi and fascist regime of Iran in order to create hatred against its own people is disgusting and must stop.

The Iranian regime is the one that is threatening the world and continues to ask for the destruction of a sovereign nation and denies the most horrible event in the history Holocaust.

We the Iranian people the son and daughters of Cyrus the great the king of Iran will not tolerate war or any war mongers.

We will defeat the enemy of Iran and that is IRI.

Long live Iran and you the people of Iran. I love you.



by Kurdish Warrior (not verified) on

First of all we are all Iranians no matter our religion or ethnicity. And yes it is our duty to be tolerant to each other, whether you are Jew, Bahai, Persian, Kurd, Azeri and etc..It's not that we are doing each other a favour. It is their country too. Please refrain from showing hatred toward your other fellow Iranians, just because they have different religion.


Iranian Jews/Japanese Americans??

by Jaleho on

Kurdish warrior, Anonymous21 and Jamshid,

You missed the very important issue I was trying to bring out. The fact that Iranians have been very tolerant towards its Jewsih community, despite many Jews expressing an alligiance to Israel which has been running threats of war and nuclear attack against Iran for so long now.

And tolerant, they have been, and YES from the very beginning of the revolution Khomeini himself gave the Jews a promise of safety and protection explicitly. Despite all the BS that Zionists in US advertise constantly, and despite monetary bribes that State of Israel has been offereing Iranian Jews, many have refused to let go of their IRANIAN-FIRST status.

And Jamshid, I am really not interested to stoop down to a pissing fight with unknown people on line. That is why I used Mofaz and "Jamshid" in quotes as generic representative of Iranians who do the Israeli useless barking without appreciating the fact that they might endanger the comfortable life of Iranian Jews inside Iran.


Re: Jaleho

by jamshid on

You wrote, "Mofaz and some Iranian Jews like Jamshid ..."

ey ahmagh, what do you know about me?

I am not a Jew. The rest of the bullshit in your comment is as worthy as your claim.

Debased and corrupt IRI suporters like you who are living off Iran's stolen riches are beyond redemption.


When ever you're ready Baby.

by Shah Hossein (not verified) on

Bring it on.
Don't be shy to invite your friends too.
there is enough for everybody.
While we young.


Dear Jaleho

by Anonymous21 (not verified) on

Do0n't teach me or other people in the region history. You and your idol, the retarded Ahamdinejad, will have the same fate as your hero, SADDAM. Enough for the ranting of the big mouths. I would like to see how many of you, useful idiots, will join the Revolutionary Gaurds of Mullas to defend your beloved Theocracy.



by Kurdish Warrior (not verified) on

Are you for real? Are you in touch with reality? with all respect since when did they become tolerant? If they are so tolerant, then how come they are denying women's right, suppressing minorities ....the regime is fascist shia who don't care about Iranians or Iran. Their agenda is to spread Shia revolution to the rest of middle east.......


Israel has one leg in the grave

by Jaleho on

Anonymous21, it is funny that you should use Hitler's terminology "FINAL SOLUTION" which he had offered to solve "Jewish Problem", now you attribute it to Jewish Mofaz!! Anyway, Mofaz is an insignificant pest in the habbit of constant toothless barking, but as far as "days being numbered", I refer you to a comment I wrote to the article "Things will have to change". They will, but not where you think it would. See the last paragraph.


Israel NEVER sought Justice!

by Jaleho on

Fariba wrote:

"The Jewish people lived in Palestine 2000 years ago. It is
understandable that, in their desperate search for safety and security,
they wanted to return to this land, especially after the Holocaust."

That is the funny reasoning the Zionists give to Americans who don't
know real history of Zionism and creation of Israel and hope people
would accept it as a FACT.

First, the ancient Palestine, the land of Canaan, has been
inhabited by many other groups, prior and after the Jewish kingdom:
Greeks, Hebrews, Christians, Pagans, Persians, Arabs, and old Canaanite
tribes. In that 5000 years, Jewish kingdom of David and Soloman only
lasted 73 years!! Even if you consider the entire on-off Jewish kingdom
from conquest of David to fall of Judah (1000BC-586BC), you get about
400 years. Somehow, the present day Zionist made that more important
than 1300 years of CONSECUTIVE occupation of the land by Muslim and
Christian Palestinians, and think the repetition of that absurd Jewish
claim in US congress and US media actually gives the jews a RIGHT to
other people's land. That is as absurd a basis for land claim as is the
God's promise to his chosen favorites.

Secondly, Herzl (father of modern Zionism) was considering some land in either Palestine -Or-ARGENTINE for a Jewish State.

See, Zionism was a racist scheme born at the end of 19th century,
early 20th century, which is historically the period of colonialism and
settlements. Its purpose was no different than European settlers in
colonial regions that reached Africa, Asia, and Latin America. And,
like other colonial cases, it was the poor and disadvantage Jews who
were supposed to go first and do the dirty work. {called Society of
Jews}. I will quote for you from the article of Herzl in which he
proposes the idea of "The Jewish State" in 1896 for the first time:

"The plan : The whole plan is in its essence perfectly simple, as it
must necessarily be if it is to come within the comprehension of all.
Let the sovereignty be granted to us over a portion of the globe large
enough to satisfy the rightful requirement of a nation; the rest we
shall manage ourselves. The creation of a new state is neither
ridiculous nor impossible.....The government of all countries scourged
by anti-Semitism will be keenly interested in assisting us to obtain
the sovereignty we want. { can you see how ironically anti-Semitism is
similar to Zionism in principle, and is being used to create it?! i.e.,
let's separate European Jews and send them away, rather than change
individual country's anti-Semitic practices; let alone that the Jews
who lived in Palestine for centuries, did equally well with Muslims and
Christians there. }

...The plan, simple in design, but complicated in execution, will be
carried out by two agencies: The Society of Jews and The Jewish Company
...We must not imagine the departure of Jews to be a sudden one. It will be gradual,{but} continuous, and will cover many decades ... The emigrants lowest in economic scale will be slowly followed by those of higher grade...

...Should the powers {in this case Britain, which was the mother of
many other colonies, and the superpower du jour, the same role Israel
sees in US now} declare themselves willing to admit our sovereignty
over a neutral piece of land, then the Society {of Jews} will enter
into negotiations for the possession of this land. Here two territories
comes under consideration, Palestine and Argentine.
In both countries important experiments in colonization have been made,
though on the mistaken principle of a gradual infiltration of Jews. An
infiltration is bound to end badly. It continues till the inevitable
moment when the native population feels itself threatened
, and
forces the government to stop a further influx of Jews. Immigration is
consequently futile unless we have the sovereign right to continue such

As you see that holocaust was just a later EXCUSE to complete colonization of Palestine, which was the clear objective of the Zionist movement from 1896.

Later, in The Biltmore Program- Towards a Jewish State (
May,11,1942), Ben Gurion went to US, organizing American Zionists to
reformulate this forceful Jewish immigration using the Nazi persecution
as the pretext to continue Herzl recipe of 1896!! This was followed by
the recommendations of the Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry (1946),
where the jews took only its 6th recommendation seriously: more massive
Jewish immigration without native acquiescence. They discarded the part
that prohibited the Jewish demand of forceful immigration to create a
Jewish majority!

So, there was no original justice in mind in the beginning that you think has backfired now!
And, there's no good intention from either Israelis or Americans who have extended the "peace process" just to give Israel enough time to gobble up as much of Palestine as they can.

One thing that Herzl didn't know back in 1896 is that colonialism and
apartheid would DIE in the 20th century. Israel and Zionism , as the
last pillars of it will follow suit. That's why everyone talks so
nervously about EXISTENCE of illegitimate state of Israel, and talks
about 60 years as if it the most important part of the 5000 year
history of that region! That 60 years is just a historical BLINK,
typical of all historical aberrations, and will be at most another
blink before it disappears in the dust bin of time by history's
mandate. South African racists spoke with no less of an arrogance than
Israelis today.


Bravo Mofaz

by Anonymous21 (not verified) on

Eventually someone dared to talk about the final solution. Sorry useful idiots, your days are numbered.


Hamin o kam dashteem. Har

by Fatollah (not verified) on

Hamin o kam dashteem. Har Olaghi fekr meekone ke Irani-a meesheenan negah meekonan! I have genuine respect for a Soopoor.


Former Iranian-Jewish TRAITOR - MOFAZ

by Jaleho on

Mofaz who was an Iranian Jew went to Israel and became somebody by constantly betraying Iran and pushing a nuclear attack on Iranians... first as defense minister and now as another shit in Israel. He still wouldn't make a soopoor in Iran!

Mofaz and some Iranian Jews like Jamshid should be careful before they shoot their mouth off too much.

The Iranian people and the present Iranian regime are extremely cultured and tolerant. If instead they were something like the backward racist American cowboys, the 25,000 Iranian jews in Iran would be dreaming to have a fate as good as Japanese Americans in camps!!

There's a limit for that collective Iranian composure though, and people like Mofaz should not propagate the idea that Iranian jews are possible shitty traitors like himself. Most Iranian jews are just like the rest of Iranians, Iranian FIRST. Let's hope that Mofaz and "Jamshid" won't endanger their lives.


Zio-nazis can't do sh*t

by XerXes (not verified) on

Some little Zio-Nazis attack the great Iran. I didn't lose my family to the war to let this little people do anything. That would be the end for Zio-Nazis and many Iranians are waiting for such action.



by Dariushagha on

من اول ایرانی هستم.

Down with Both...people of iran must destory islamic Goverment.


Down with those blood

by jamshid on

Down with those blood suckers from Ghom.

They sure are sucking more of Iran's blood than Israel is.



by zirak on

Down with those blood suckers from Tel Aviv.