Jimmy Carter: Gaza Blockade One of Greatest Human Rights Crimes
VOA News
28-May-2008 (3 comments)

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter has described Israel's blockade of the Gaza Strip as "one of the greatest human rights crimes on Earth."

Mr. Carter was speaking Sunday at a literary festival in Wales. He told The Guardian newspaper that the Israeli blockade has led to what he calls the "imprisonment" of Gaza's 1.6 million Palestinians.

Israel and Egypt sealed their borders with Gaza after the Hamas militant group seized control of the territory last June. Israel continues to send fuel and humanitarian supplies to Gaza while blocking the regular crossing of people and goods.

Israeli leaders say the blockade is necessary to stop Gaza militants from firing rockets at Israeli towns.


USA Participating in Genocide ?

by ahmad.bahai on

By supporting Israel, USA is a direct participant in the genocide of palestinain people. On the other hand they support "human rights" !is this hypocracy or what?



Greatest human right crime

by MRX1 (not verified) on

is a disaster that this bone head caused, by releasing islmo facist monsters in Iran, Afghanisatn, Algeria, egypt, europe and god knows where else. If you calculate the number of people that were killed from 1979 till today in the societies infected by islamo facistm the number of death and injure will surpass the population of Gaza!



by Anonymous8 (not verified) on

not only is it hypocrisy but blockade is an act of war. Israel itself has gone to war over much lesser excuses.