Iran and Israel: Lost in Translation?
The REAL News Network / Paul Jay
15-May-2008 (4 comments)

May 15 - Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's statements are once again being brought into question and controversy.

As Israel celebrates its 60th anniversary, the leader has reiterated his statements calling for an "end to the Zionist regime". But how severe is his meaning? Are translations skewing his rhetoric at time when clarity seems paramount? Babak Yektefar of the Washington Prism talks to The Real News Network Senior Editor Paul Jay about the President's stirring declamation and Iran's fear of a possible attack by Israel.



clarity seems paramount

by trnniran on

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One should know the IR regime

by Abarmard on

They like to talk the talk. Their point is to grab as much attention from the Arab neighbors as possible. They act revolutionary, remember that Khatami was the voice of the "opposition" of the system being the president!

They are smart in that way and the West including Israel gives them enough material to continue their act. My anger goes back to the west and Israel that falls into their trap.

People of Iran will deal with this regime on their own time. And the people who are in charge in the west are fully aware that Iran is no threat to anyone, all these are part of the game. Power and money is the final word here.


To Zion

by Al Sefati (not verified) on

Israel started the proxy war by supporting the Iran-Iraq war and making sure it lasted over 8 years so over 1 million Muslims get killed!


What a pile of bloney

by Zion on

IRI is already fighting Israel with proxy. What do you think Hizballah or Hamas are. This nonsense meme about bad translation, the signature of the IRI lobby, is becoming ridiculous.

It seems the mullahs are paying a lot to have all this lobbyists in North America. Although, despite the quantity, the quality leaves much to be desired.