The New Geopolitics of Energy
The Nation / Michael T. Klare
05-May-2008 (4 comments)

While the day-to-day focus of US military planning remains Iraq and Afghanistan, American strategists are increasingly looking beyond these two conflicts to envision the global combat environment of the emerging period--and the world they see is one where the struggle over vital resources, rather than ideology or balance-of-power politics, dominates the martial landscape. Believing that the United States must reconfigure its doctrines and forces in order to prevail in such an environment, senior officials have taken steps to enhance strategic planning and combat capabilities. Although little of this has reached the public domain, there have been a number of key indicators.

Since 2006 the Defense Department, in its annual report Military Power of the People's Republic of China, has equated competition over resources with conflict over Taiwan as a potential spark for a US war with China. Preparation for a clash over Taiwan remains "an important driver" of China's military modernization, the 2008 edition noted, but "analysis of China's military acquisitions and strategic thinking suggests Beijing is also developing capabilities for use in other contingencies, such as conflict over resources." The report went on to suggest that the Chinese are planning to enhance their capacity for "power projection" in areas that provide them with critical raw materials, especially fossil fuels, and that such efforts would pose a significant th... >>>


He Who Controls Energy Controls the World

by sadegh on

Human rights and democracy invariably play second fiddle (if an role whatsoever) to the quest for unimpeded dominion and control over the world's energy resources - this is the criterion of power and whoever controls the flow of oil and gas will be able to curb the economic growth of their foremost competitors. This dictates US policy toward Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Venezuela, Kuwait, UAE, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan etc...and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.



Does this title mean Iranians rule the world now?

by almo5000 on

Arabs and Iranians have most of the world gas and oil. Actually Russia has it too, but they ran the world and they got tired and now they are retired. Arabs are stupic not to be able to rule the world. That leaves Iranians. Should we conclude that Iranians are ruling the world?


The West the modern Pirates & Crusaders!

by gol-dust on

That's what Brezsiski (carter's chief of staff) said in 1998 in his book, "the grand chess game". Bush simply followed that path! surprised? i am surprised whoever was surprised in 2003!


Human Rights Are For The Donkeys!

by Killjoy (not verified) on

As long as those in control are not the Iranian mullahs and their goons who have no respect whatsoever for anything human we should all be happy.

I have always believed in one very important principle:

If something is not mine or I don't have a share of it, I don't give damn who it belongs to if only they let me live in peace!!!