American arrested as nuclear spy for Israel
Swiss Info
22-Apr-2008 (3 comments)

Kadish's arrest is a sign the Pollard scandal, which remains an irritant in the close U.S. alliance with Israel, may have spread wider than was previously acknowledged. Kadish was arrested in New Jersey and was scheduled to be arraigned on Tuesday afternoon at U.S. District Court in New York City, authorities said.


What else is new?

by Q on

Another day, another Israeli spy abusing the United States for the benefit of Israel. How long is America going to ensure the bloodbath in the middle east by mindlessly backing one side making sure it never has to compromise for peace?



America's Head Stuck in Israeli Asses

by almo5000 on

That is why American heads do not see or hear the events as they are, or truth and facts  in the ME. They only hear what the blood suckers tell them. When their head is stuck in the blood suckers asse, what do you expect them to see or hear? As long as American heads are stuck in Israeli asses, American Heads are not seeing or hearing anything except when the ass owner speaks.


Much to do about nothing

by Mehdi Mazloom (not verified) on

From what I have been reading in various publications. This is yet another attempt by anti-Israeli pundits to insert wedge between Israel & US.
This is a 25 year old case. One wonders why it has surfaced only now.?

besides, with such close cooperation in area of science and intelligence between Israel and US, one wonders why Israel would resort to non-sense espionage against US. when it gets it through official channels and vise-versa.
Also, who can guaranty that US itself is not spaying on Israel as well. Israel knows it and prefers to keep reticent about it.

Back in 1982, Israeli government issued a stern and clear order to its spy agencies. No spaying in US.