Photo essay: Norooz trip to Iran




Beautiful Couple and dishes! I wish her well!

by gol-dust on

Is she still in Ghaem hospital? If she still is please let me know, if you think she is not getting adequte help. My brother has been working there for many years. I assume her last is Ravon.


Farah joon, chekar kardy

by Shadi (not verified) on

Farah joon, chekar kardy khanoom, kam delemoon tang bood. . . : )

Merci baraye axsa. Omidvaram ke mardar hamsaret behtarand.



by Probity (not verified) on

Farah jon,

As always you’ve captured the beauty of human spirit, the brilliant colors of life, enticing aroma, and the many facets of emotions vividly. The passion, love and respect are all one sees in you and your beautiful family. You bring out the best in everyone. Congratulations to both you and Kourosh for being so rich in humanity and art of living. I and everyone around you are blessed to have you in our lives. Thank you for sharing your most intimate and delicate moments.

Nasrin F.


Beautiful trip

by Alborzi (not verified) on

I am going to do it in June, I hope I will have such a trip.