Golpar adopted by beautiful Maryam Afshar (living in Puerto Rico)

Maryam Afshar was a great advocate of animals, but not just the healthy, pretty ones. She was especially devoted to the sick, the ailing, and the abused animals.

Maryam lived in Puerto Rico and kept over 15 cats and dogs who were either physically handicapped or abused, or both. She adopted Golpar from VAFA Animal Shelter in Iran in the early part of 2010 without having laid eyes on Golpar. She asked for a dog that had gone through hard times and was in desperate need of a home.

Lida Esnaashari, who was the director of VAFA at the time, chose Golpar because Golpar had only three legs, had suffered much in her young life, and was, in general, very sad. Maryam, upon Golpar's arrival in Puerto Rico, embraced her with all her heart and without holding back. Golpar soon became a constant companion of Maryam, sleeping on her bed and following her around the house. Maryam's 12 year old son, Dariush, is also an incredible animal lover who, like his mom, has a way with dogs. Golpar and Dariush soon became inseparable.

Upon Maryam's untimely and tragic death in the summer of 2010, Dariush and his father took over the care of all the animals; some went to loving homes but Golpar stayed with Dariush. Dariush refused to part with his special Iranian dog and they now live in a the same home with a few other dogs and cats.

VAFA Animal Shelter continues to mourn the loss of Maryam Afshar, an incredibly kind and generous woman who devoted much time and love to sick and abused animals.

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